obama putin shaking hands

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a bunch of ‘em.

Via The Federalist Papers Project:

obama putin differences


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  1. Dave says:

    What a piece of work our dork really is.

  2. strider says:

    Best dope smoker. He’s got that going for him.

  3. midget says:

    Putin has that manly quality for sure but the leader of the free world can
    give you that clammy handshake you’ll never forget.

  4. Alain41 says:

    Another comparison is the selfie stick montage, except Putin hasn’t done that. Or how about comparing, selfie at a world leader’s funeral, except Putin hasn’t done that either. And has Putin ever slow jammed the news? Or done an interview between two ferns? This could get ugly…

    • Shifra says:

      How about comparing being interviewed by someone who took a bath in milk and cereal? Oh wait, Putin hasn’t done that, either… 🙂

      • Alain41 says:

        Sad update to the old Yakov Smirnov joke.

        Old: In America, we have freedom of speech. We can criticize our President all we want. Same in Russia. We can criticize your President too.

        Today: Russia has more freedom of speech than America. While we can’t criticize Putin, we can praise him.

  5. Obama does not project strength and confidence and these kinds of images confirm it. The leader of the free world should not look like he got the job by accident.

  6. Cathode Rays says:

    Jackass on “The View”: I can out-shriek all of you. I’ve shrouded the planet in Obamasmog. I rule. Why can’t I find a decent mirror around here?

  7. SamHamilton says:

    I don’t know if baseball is popular in Russia, but I would bet Putin can throw one.

    on second thought….. it’s too bad the rioters in Baltimore didn’t throw rocks like our girly man president:
    A; No one would have been hurt.
    B; They would have been laughed off the streets.

  8. Dave says:

    We, the American public, have no one to blame but ourselves. We have voted him in not once but twice. We should thank God that He has shown through this thing we call Prezy that we get a reflection of ourselves. This is what we have become as a nation like it or not. Now we must change and grow up.

  9. MACVEL says:

    Putin also drinks his beer like a man, whereas Obama…

  10. Piquerish says:

    Russia last week conducted one of the largest-scale air bombing operations in DECADES against ISIS while our self-obsessed buffoon Ditherer-in-Chief (DIC) launched new morality-play attacks on America and made doodoo piles of rainbow-colored scat on the White House lawn for all the world to see and marvel. At a time when this tortured, benighted planet needs a resolute and decisive America, it gets instead a disinterested, bored, arrogant and pretentious purple Teletubby determined to reduce the nation to a simpering, weak, society of temperamental drones. Jimmy Carter by comparison towers as a manly president. Yes, it’s that bad. Really.

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