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It was a horrible night for the free world, for the Western world. And yet, it was inevitable with so-called leadership refusing to recognize the monster of Radical Islam. Even to this day, after the worst terror attack in France’s history, many in media and our own government still refuse to call it by name.

I’ll update you with this post and please add your own updates, links and comments. I will be doing a public podcast today with more updates and commentary on the attack, where things stand and what we can expect. I’ll be on Fox News at 445p ET to discuss the latest from Paris and how it affects us here.

Pray for everyone who faces the evil of ISIS and Islamists in the world. Pray for France and all the French, for those who were murdered and their families. The world has changed, and the good news is there are enough of us here who understand this and are ready to lead.

USA Today: California student dies in Paris attacks

Guardian: First victims of Paris terror attacks named

Daily Mail: Rampage: 120+ dead…

NYT: Three Teams of Coordinated Attackers Carried Out Assault on Paris, Officials Say; Hollande Blames ISIS

From Pat_S:

ISIS has claimed responsibility for six coordinated attacks in Paris leaving more than 100 dead. President Hollande described the attacks as an act of war and that France will be “ruthless in its response”.


Paris attacks: what we know so far

Paris attacks: How the night of horror unfolded

Assad says France’s “flawed” policy in Middle East partly to blame for attacks

Paris Attacks: Muslims Use #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist Twitter hashtag To Counter Prejudice

Obama condemns ‘outrageous’ Paris attacks, State Department scrambles to locate Americans

Paris attacks overshadow meeting of global leaders on Syria

Once again we will hear that this changes everything. We shall see.

Our hearts go out to the people of France and to the victims and their families.

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  1. TX Soldier254 says:

    Muslim Nations (Not Lone Wolves) has declared WAR on All Western Nations.

    France has decided it’s a Law Enforcement matter, not a Military option.

    Look at how fast France Declared MARTIAL LAW, wow!

    Germany, pacifying the Muslim “Refugees”, no doubt, will be next.

    Since WW2, the saying has been, ‘You must Defeat the Enemy on the Battlefield or you Will be fighting them on the Home front’, of course after you Name them.

    Where is OUR Congress and Senate on what happened in France and what Obama has declared Friday morning?


  2. Alain41 says:

    Angels in our countryside…thou art in heaven.

    In addition to Obama’s support, Kerry, Corker, McConnell, media, everyone who supported passage of the Iran Deal including pooh poohing, the Death to America chants, has responsibility for issuing blinders for Terrorism.

  3. midget says:

    If they could come back in less than 10 months on the very street where the supporters of Hebdo marched in mourning,they are more sophisticated then
    leaders give them credit. It will happen again & again & 9/11 was horrific but
    I don’t think we’ve seen the worst. God bless the victims & their loved ones.

  4. dennisl59 says:

    Rather than try to come up with something profound myself, I’ll just post what Mark Steyn has written because I agree with it 100%.

    posted 11/14 425pm Texas[No Safe Zone]Time

  5. idaho_karen says:

    Our current ‘leadership’ in the WH STILL says terrorism on our shores since 9/11 is ‘workplace violence’. Based on his statement yesterday that didn’t mention ‘terrorism’, he will stick to this until he leaves in 2017, January or he is forced out of office.

  6. Alain41 says:

    Obama won’t call it terrorism because he wants to empty Gitmo and increase immigration from the Middle East. Weakening America is Job One. Also think that he views being in agreement with the opposition (his enemy) as losing. As long as his actions are hated, he’s winning. All of legacy media is Washington Rose.

  7. deaves1 says:

    As we learn 10,000 of these “migrants” have already arrived in America to be resettled in cities across America with Syrians already there or in places where they can find jobs. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are sitting around with their thumbs up their butts and not doing anything to close down the 14 known terrorist training camps or Mosques that are radicalizing Muslims across the Nation. Sadly it will take an attack like the one in Paris to wake these organizations up. We the People will be on our own to defend ourselves and protect our families.

  8. JMigyanka says:

    As Churchill Stated: “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.”

  9. Dave says:

    Just wait till they get nukes from BO. This is nothing now. They come to kill, steal, and destroy. There is no other goal. The damned evil spirits are in full swing.

  10. ancientwrrior says:

    I have posted more than once, that the enemy is NOT at the gates, he is here among us in our cities and homes. The cancer is now inside of us and will soon start infecting and shutting down our defenses while killing us from within. Will we go quietly into the night and lay down without a whimper? Or will we rise up and shout with one mighty voice, NO MORE, and lay siege to the enemy within and all their enablers. It seems that I am preaching to the choir here. It will take numerous events like Paris and 9/11 in our country before we can light a fire under the powers that be and/or oust the enabler in the W.H.

  11. Cathode Rays says:

    “If someone put a rattlesnake in a baby’s crib and the baby got bit, you wouldn’t blame the snake. You would kill it, of course, but you wouldn’t blame it. The blame would go to whoever put the snake in the crib. Same goes for the Islamic infiltration of the West.”


    The Poles have it right; they’re burning EU flags.

  12. Patricia says:

    God bless Paris, God bless America and the free world. A horrific slap in the face – wake up this will not stop by itself – we must fight. Here’s John Bolton: Paris attacks: Four important lessons world must learn from French tragedy

  13. Teri says:

    These stone age bastards are going to continue with attacks like what happened in Paris and also encourage lone wolf attacks. They are patient and will wait for the opportunity to kill 100,000 as oppose to 10,000 if need be. No place is safe. We are living in times where we can be slaughtered by going to the grocery store. That’s where we are. It’s the new normal. The maniac in the White House has ushered these times in, no thanks to the stupid, moronic liberals that put him in there twice. Prepare and pray and be vigilant. Get yourself armed if you have not done so by now. Pray God help us defeat this evil we are at war with.

  14. Maynard says:

    Flashback: From the Washington Times, dated 4/19/13: “Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were refugees from brutal Chechen conflict”.

    Yep, more refugees, that’s exactly what we need. Why fight the war in distant lands when we can have it right here on Main Street? And if you disagree with that, you’re worse than Hitler.

  15. Alain41 says:

    fwiw: The motto of the City of Paris since 1358 is; Tossed but not sunk. (referring to ships on the Seine)

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