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Hillary is suffering.

So let’s all feel bad for her…


Via NewsBusters:

Appearing on Wednesday’s At This Hour…on CNN to discuss the latest revelations that some of the email on former Secretary of State’s server was considered highly classified, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin ended up downplaying her culpability in her behavior as he asserted that she was “suffering from” the tendency of government agencies to “overclassify” information….

The CNN legal analyst called the overclassification of information a “minor but real scandal”…

Well, the FBI is going to decide if she’s prosecuted. I mean, ultimately, that’s the decision I think everybody cares about. I mean, one of the, you know, minor but real scandals in the U.S. government has been for decades is that people overclassify things, is that a lot of information that is not all that sensitive is treated as classified.

He then suggested an excuse for Clinton as he added:

She is now suffering from that because people are saying there’s all this classified information she’s dealing with, but there is not a bright line between classified and unclassified, and you can see, at least to a certain extent, why she was not clear on what was what…

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  1. Alain41 says:

    So no reason to withhold FOIA requested information or info. requested by Congress then.

  2. n9zf says:

    So… there’s 7 step support group to help with classification addiction?

  3. hektor says:

    If she wants to be President she ought to know what security means. I mean, as President how could she fire someone due to incompetence?

  4. dennisl59 says:

    Just wondering if ‘Mr.Legal Analyst’ will be making another appearance to explain this latest Friday afternoon new flash:

    posted 1/29 445pm Texas[Pop Secret]Time

  5. Pat_S says:

    It is not exonerating that emails are later deemed classified. Eventual classification is a compelling reason NOT to use a private server.

    Whether or not “over classification” is endemic, it is not the province of Hillary Clinton to disregard over caution.

    Her excuses are not valid.

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