There is more to this story, obviously, then we know at this point. Eventually we’ll get all the information and it will likely be exposed as another complete disaster brought on by the Obama regime. What happened was disgusting. In addition to the strange apology, many would like to know who gave the order to surrender. That must be determined.

Via Daily Caller.

Congress wants to know if the State Department held any influence on the U.S. Navy sailor who apologized to Iran after he and his nine other sailors were arrested and detained by the regime. The video, which aired on Iranian television, showed all ten sailors kneeling on the decks of their ships with their hands behind their heads.

The U.S. sailors, who were detained by Iran Tuesday and later released Wednesday morning, spoke to the State Department before one of the naval officers was video taped making an apology to the Iranian regime, a Republican congressman says.

“It was a mistake. That was our fault. And we apologize for our mistake,” the sailor said, in a video clip posted by Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

Florida Republican Rep. Tom Rooney, a member of the House Select permanent Intelligence Committee, told The Daily Caller Thursday during the GOP retreat, “We talked about that [during the retreat] and we’ll have to wait and hear from him, but we do know that the State Dept. did talk to those guys before he made that comment, so it was very kind of, honestly, suspicious why he would just come out and make that kind of a statement.”

Rooney added, “It almost seems like it was cooked in the books for part of the release to make it look better that he would apologize for drifting into the water and then they would be released.”

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  1. Dave says:

    Our sailors had superior firepower that they should have used while calling for air support.

    • sweetexp says:

      I totally agree. The whole lead up to going out on any patrol…, whether military or policing or any dangerous security based endeavour is inherantly dangerous and as such, those who do patrol functions, to put it bluntly have planned for life and death fighting contingencies. One doesn’t go on patrol not expecting to see the enemy… (to be crass, kill or be killed).

  2. Alain41 says:

    John Kerry vengeance for being swift boated. Now he can go around boasting that he never made that kind of mistake during war and further apologizing is the correct action. So take that Warhawks.

  3. hektor says:

    Question to John Kerry : “Is it true that this prisoner release has a connection to 108 Billion going to Iran?” Answer from John Kerry : “What difference does it make!”

  4. Alain41 says:

    Reminder again that Obama loves apologizing for America to foreign countries but never apologizes to Americans for anything.

  5. sweetexp says:

    Absolutely stunning. The military Code of Conduct is like the Bible for even the most basic U.S. military recruit during boot camp! Name, Rank and Service Number…. “If I should become a POW, etc.” The rules we as special military people live by are uniquely clear. Those rules are our choir music.Those rules trump everything. That is why only a few make it through full indoctrination to pass recruit training; to wear their service title.

    The lead man or woman (Officer or enlisted Noncommissioned officer leader) Are under excrutiatingly more intense burdens of responsibility should such a circumstance occur!

    Who will gamble with me that this young Naval Officer’s career is over. The Chief of Naval Operations, whom I have personally met is probably fuming at this millinieal aged Officer.

  6. Vintageport says:

    Congress asking a rhetorical question of POSUS once again. Still, they’ll do absolutely nothing about it.

  7. n9zf says:

    So much is wrong on the story.
    1. Standing orders to not surrender a vessel exist. Were they ‘cancelled?’
    2. if one boat was disabled, the second could have towed it to safety. They didn’t have a rope?
    3. Apparently, the Navy didn’t have aircraft available to fly cover for the boats?

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