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I’m not sure we should take anything seriously from a woman who is proud of her adult son for wearing dresses, but here is the shorter Sarandon:

I am so morally superior to all of you racist fear-mongering peons!

Via NewsBusters:

Liberal actress Susan Sarandon appeared on The View, Monday, to lecture “xenophobic” Americans on letting Syrian refugees into the country. The movie star, who has just returned from a trip to Greece where she talked to fleeing Syrians, also incorrectly claimed that terrorists have not come into America disguised as refugees.

Regarding the ongoing debate over allowing Syrians into the country, Sarandon derided, “I start hearing this fear-based, hate-based, xenophobic dialogue that’s going on in this country, you know, where we’ve taken these people and we’ve reduced them to a concept for political reasons.”

The actress sneered, “I just thought, ‘My God. We’re better than this.’ This is not who we are. This is America.” –

….“There needs to be a conversation that’s on a moral level, not a political level. And there haven’t been terrorists that have come through as immigrants.”….

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  1. deaves1 says:

    Why are there no Arab countries taking in these “refugees?” Could it be because they all know the likelihood of Jihadists coming in mixed with the so called “refugees” and they do not want to deal with it?

  2. MACVEL says:

    Chastened Germans may disagree with Sarandon’s moral superiority.

  3. Alain41 says:

    “…needs to be a conversation that’s on a moral level, not a political level….”

    Politics should reflect or at least support morals. Large problem of today is that politics doesn’t reflect or support morality. Eg, unsustainable deficits, immigrants going on welfare immediately, accepting illegal immigrant with a gray beard as being 17 yrs. old, sanctuary cities, infringing on religious freedom, not prosecuting the politically connected, etc.

    So no SS, you can’t have a moral discussion on an issue of national interest/government policy without politics being involved. Her view is essentially the wrong view of the sort that a UN ruling isn’t political. The UN only makes good decisions because they aren’t political because it doesn’t govern a country. That sovereignty nationalism thing is the problem to correct decisions. One world baloney.

  4. ancientwrrior says:

    Did this person get mistakenly released from a mental hospital? Or just imbibed in too much Hollywood happy juice.

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