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Fat Studies courses are now being offered on college campuses, and appear to be a huge (oops) hit with millennial Social Justice Warriors.

And the new enemy? Diet books!

Please, no one tell FLOTUS:

The Queen will not be pleased.

Via Daily Caller:

Described as an “emerging academic field” that focuses on combating “weightism,” “fat stigma,” and the “weight based oppression” of fat people, “fat studies” courses are popping up on college campuses across the country.

Typically found in women and gender studies departments, fat studies courses don’t study obesity as a leading cause of death in America but rather approach fatness as a “social justice” issue, and usually focus on “fat liberation” movements and activism as ways to combat the “stigma” attached to obesity….

Fat studies courses typically advocate against the position that obesity is unhealthy or undesirable, instead calling for understanding and acceptance. One such course offered by the University of Maryland College Park, singles out dieting as a “special enemy” that must be defeated. The syllabus for “Introduction To Fat Studies” states that the field of fat studies “is not concerned with the eradication of fatness, but with offering a sustained critique of anti-fat sentiment, discrimination, and policy.” Reading material for that course included reading something called the “Fat Liberation Manifesto.” …

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  1. Alain41 says:

    What’s their answer to the question; Why shouldn’t this approach be applied to smokers and drinkers? An argument for intervening in a person’s smoking and drinking is that the nation will have to pay for their health care. Consistency in academia seems rather inconsistent. Is this question a macro aggression?

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