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The library’s policy of inclusion is an example of “White Supremacy” ?

Ok, got it…

Via BizPac Review:

After a Black Lives Matter group was told it could no longer hold meetings at a public library because the group violated the library’s anti-discrimination policy, the group is now crying “white supremacy” — whatever that means.

A library patron complained of a Black Lives Matter rule that excludes whites, said library spokeswoman Andrea Fanta according to Fox 8 Live.

BLM Nashville’s policy stipulates that meetings be “open to black and non-black people of color only,” according to its website, which doesn’t conform to the library’s policy that meetings be open to everyone — just like all public facilities….

The group posted this notice on its Facebook page:

blm FB

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  1. PopArt says:

    A moment I can say I’m proud to be in the library profession. Being in charge of my library’s meeting room I can attest that we instruct all groups holding meetings in the library that any event taking place must be open to the public as a local government entity. I have turned away a few applicants who couldn’t keep to that requirement. BLM doesn’t get it and we know they would of course (and rightfully) demand white supremacist groups be denied meeting access at libraries under the policy should that situation ever come up. Exclusion is exclusion and is color blind. I’m glad that the library avoided being bullied into a double standard of their hard and fast policy.

  2. MACVEL says:

    Knowing what BLM is, they are controlled by Obama. They are thugs.

  3. Alain41 says:

    A public entity can’t do it but I would be tempted to build a paper bus running the length of a meeting room wall. And chairs along the front half of the bus would be labeled Whites Only and the chairs along the back half of the bus labeled Blacks Only. Hold your requested Blacks Only meeting there. Or I suppose you could just label one meeting room Blacks Only and another meeting room Whites Only. Oh and name each room, the Obama meeting room.

  4. Rob_W says:

    This is as absurd as an old Doonesbury cartoon. An African American student group made their latest demand to the college president: “They want their own water fountains.”

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