After all, Obama has lass than a year to do as much damage as possible.

Via NY Post.

When President Obama announced last week that he was moving ahead with transferring Guantanamo Bay’s last remaining detainees here, he made it sound as if these terrorists, who include 9/11 conspirators, would never see the light of day, that they would be locked up forever in a super-secure facility, a kind of Gitmo North.

But legal experts say his public-safety guarantees ring hollow. There’s a real chance the worst terrorists on the planet could be freed on American soil.

Once the detainees are transferred from the Cuban prison to the United States, they are automatically entitled to more protections under the Constitution than those detained abroad. These include the right to a lawyer, the right not to incriminate themselves with coerced statements and, most key, the right to petition for a writ of habeas corpus, which orders their release from confinement. They can also request asylum, and if granted, apply for permanent residence here.

As soon as the 30 to 60 monsters Obama hopes to relocate here hit the tarmac, an army of defense lawyers from the ACLU will be waiting for them, ready to exploit those newfound rights on their behalf. And they will file an avalanche of habeas lawsuits to free them from custody.


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Obama will say that Lincoln’s one mistake was suspending habeas corpus and he won’t repeat that mistake. HC granted.

  2. Maynard says:

    Bush kept the terrorists off U.S. soil for legal reasons. It can be argued that Bush took advantage of a technicality, and he did because to do otherwise would put the American people at risk. For this we should be grateful. Once again, we see Obama going to bat for the scum of the Earth, and to hell with the heartland.

    The “release in America” scenario happens when we decide to free these monsters and ask their home country to repatriate them, only — surprise, surprise! — their home country refuses. Then a judge rules that they’ve got to be freed and we can’t deport them, so they end up in a Federal relocation program, protected against the stinking racist Americans. Alternatively, maybe the government might pay big bucks to some small nation to take them in. This was done with the handful of Uighur terrorists; Obama paid something like $200 million (!) to Palau and the Bahamas to take these murderers. Your tax dollars at work. They were out of China, and China would have taken them for free, but Obama was afraid China wouldn’t treat them nicely. They would have been released domestically if not for protests. Our government really does hate us.

  3. deaves1 says:

    What I wouldn’t give for a congress with a set of balls.

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