In a 5-4 vote the Supreme court has put a halt to Obama’s carbon emissions plan. Another power-grab by this administration has been stopped by the highest court in the land. Hopefully this tendency will continue until we get a conservative in the White House and nominate more sensible justices for the court.

from Fox News:

A divided Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to halt enforcement of President Obama’s sweeping plan to address climate change until after legal challenges are resolved.

The surprising move is a blow to the administration and a victory for the coalition of 27 mostly Republican-led states and industry opponents that call the regulations “an unprecedented power grab.”

By temporarily freezing the rule the high court’s order signals that opponents have made a strong argument against the plan. A federal appeals court last month refused to put it on hold.

The court’s four liberal justices said they would have denied the request.

The plan aims to stave off the worst predicted impacts of climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions at existing power plants by about one-third by 2030.

Appellate arguments are set to begin June 2.

The compliance period starts in 2022, but states must submit their plans to the Environmental Protection Administration by September or seek an extension.

Many states opposing the plan depend on economic activity tied to such fossil fuels as coal, oil and gas. They argued that power plants will have to spend billions of dollars to begin complying with a rule that may end up being overturned.

Supreme Court blocks Obama’s climate rule for power plants

Supreme Court halts Obama carbon emissions rule

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    The four are: Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayer and Kagan. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, we’re one Black Robed, For Life Appointment away from the final nail in the U.S.Constitution.

    posted 2/9 656pm Texas[Cruz Country]Time

  2. Maynard says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that Congress never passed a law under which the Feds might control CO2 emissions. Rather, there were existing laws against pollution, and during George W.’s term, there was a court ruling that CO2 was reclassified as a pollutant, thus giving appointed bureaucrats power to control and shut down anything and everything. Bush disagreed with the ruling and didn’t exercise any of those powers, but Obama’s appointees grabbed it and went to town. The point is, whatever the merits of these actions, note that this is yet another example of government that has passed completely beyond control of our elected representatives and into the hands of appointed bureaucrats. That ought to be of concern to everybody on both the left and the right.

    • Alain41 says:

      The Clean Air Act of 1963 discusses ‘pollutants’. Certain Congressman say that CO2 was never envisioned as a pollutant (in 1963 and JFK DemParty, very likely true), but NGOs sued EPA in 2000s to consider CO2 as a pollutant. EPA under Bush said it’s not a pollutant so Clean Air Act doesn’t apply but SCOTUS ruled that EPA could determine if it is a pollutant or not under the Act. Bush’s EPA didn’t make such a ruling but Congress didn’t change Act to clearly define that CO2 isn’t pollutant (probably Dems took over Congress by then) and Dems just waited for Dem President and EPA then ruled that it is a pollutant under Act. Another example that Democrat Party today is not JFK’s Party.

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