Of course. Because for some reason the Obama administration likes it that way and the GOP is unable to come out of its coma and do more than have hearings or make angry cable news statements.

Via Free Beacon.

Leading lawmakers identified Belgium as a hotspot for terrorism months ago and are warning that many of the radicalized individuals living there are still able to travel to the United States without first obtaining a visa and undergoing thorough security checks.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon Tuesday afternoon that current flaws in the U.S. visa waiver program—which facilities travel to the United States from partner nations including Belgium—have created a loophole that could permit radicalized individuals to legally enter the United States with minimal background checks.

DeSantis is warning of these flaws on the heels of deadly mass terrorist attack in Brussels on Tuesday that has killed at least 30 and wounded hundreds more.

“The visa waiver reform, this is something we have been perusing and the [Obama] administration has brushed us off at every turn,” DeSantis said, explaining that current policy does not mandate more strenuous checks on individuals identified as coming from terrorist hotspots, such as the small Belgian town of Molenbeek, which has emerged as a principal training site for jihadists.

“It’s the case that if those folks are citizens of Belgium they qualify for the visa waiver program and can hop on a plane and get here,” he added. “Clearly, that is not adequate given what happened.”

The Obama administration “even takes the position it’s safer to allow someone to come in on a visa waiver than make them get one, it’s kind of crazy,” DeSantis said. You’re not going to be able to have intelligence on everyone there because there are so many potential recruits. It’s a clear vulnerability.”


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  1. dennisl59 says:

    The responsibility of these programs is the Department of State. The same one that Clinton was Secretary of and now Kerry. Can anyone ask either one them what they did about this issue?…Sorry, it’ll never happen because that would be too ‘uncomfortable’ for them.

    While I’m at it, lets slip this story in:

    posted 3/23 1201am Texas[Cruz Country]Time

  2. Minnie says:

    The fools are going to sit on their hands until there is another attack on the US . I just heard a Brussels so called expert who clearly has no clue . They talky talky but hang on to leaving borders wide open . Every American needs to call & flood congressional representative & demand shutting the VISA Program down . The only way they will act is by threat of losing their jobs .

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