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Donald Trump is getting massive free media during the primaries. Should he wind up Hillary’s opponent in November and the media Trump obsession be unabated, Hillary will need a massive infusion of money for air time.

This Media Coverage Chart Shows Why Hillary Clinton Should Be Thankful for the Citizens United Decision

Presumably (though perhaps we shouldn’t assume this is the case) any attempt to restrain political speech by corporations, groups, or unions would naturally exclude media outlets’ own speech, as doing so would be a clear First Amendment violation. So had the Citizens United decision gone Clinton’s way, it would likely have had no significant impact in the amount of attention Trump is getting and the skewed media dynamic currently in play.

Assuming Clinton and Trump get the nominations, here’s the irony: Clinton is the one who needs the precedent set by the Citizens United decision, not Trump. And there is going to be a lot of independent money in play from people who really, really want to make sure that Trump will not be president. If this media dynamic continues to play out, Clinton would be the one hamstrung.



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  1. Alain41 says:

    Hillary would benefit if you don’t have Citizens United. Having it, Democrats will find ways to make it work for them. They still would rather not have it and suppress us.

    Here’s an example of Democrats making CU work for them. Hillary recently appeared on Comedy Central show, Broad City (a sitcom for millennium women. We frat boys used to speak about Broad City, but it wasn’t from an enlightening point of view, so I guess satire isn’t completely dead or at least ‘approved’ satire is okay).

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