You’re probably thinking this is from The Onion.

But no, this is “for real.”

And should definitely be a talking point in Crazy Uncle Bernie’s “free everything” screed.

Via NewsBusters:

If The Huffington Post had written the Declaration of Independence, all people would have the right to life, liberty, and a free supply of tampons.

“Free Tampons should be a human right,” according to Emily Peck, the executive business editor for The Huffington Post. That was what she claimed on March 8, 2016, while promoting the “Free the Tampons” organization started by tampon advocate Nancy Kramer. After all, toilet paper is free in public restrooms, so why aren’t feminine hygiene products?

Peck pointed out that you’ve probably never paid for toilet paper in a public restroom in the United States, or had to bring your own toilet paper with you in a bag. Therefore, that must mean that toilet paper is a human right, and if that hygiene product is a human right, others ought to be as well….

What Kramer and Peck are really promoting by requiring “public” restrooms to provide free tampons is nothing more than the government forcing another regulation and expense on private companies. If Walmart had “free” tampons provided to anyone, Walmart would still have to pay for them.

Kramer’s research indicated that it costs roughly $4.67 per person per year to provide “free” sanitary products. On its face, that may seem inexpensive (“less than a fancy cup of coffee,” Kramer quipped), but it adds up quickly.

Suppose Walmart chose to supply sanitary products to just their U.S.-based employees: If half of Walmart’s 1.3 million nation-wide employees are women, Walmart would have to spend $3,035,500 per year on sanitary products. Just for employees. That figure would not include customers.

If half of Walmart’s 260 million weekly shoppers are women, and Walmart supplied enough sanitary products for just one menstrual cycle per year, per woman, that would cost Walmart $618,800,000 each year. To provide enough sanitary products for every menstrual cycle would cost an astonishing $7,285,200,000. Clearly tampons aren’t free….


Townhall: Newsflash! Bernie Sanders Fans: All That “Free Stuff” Will Break the Middle Class


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Toilet paper is free to the public in restrooms because we are a capitalist nation which brings sufficient wealth for everyday living and more. You pay for toilet paper in socialist countries because if it was provided for free, it would be stolen due to the poverty. That pursuit of happiness thing…Jefferson knew what he was writing about even without the modern tampon to inform him.

  2. NeverSurrender says:

    Why do my property taxes and health insurance premium go up when everybody else gets free stuff? Where are my human rights?

  3. Maynard says:

    I want my free tampons too. They better not discriminate against men.

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