salt fork

When they invent ‘the electric ice cream spoon,’ please let me know.

Via Telegraph:

Sprinkling too much salt on food has long been flagged up as a dietary sin linked to a raft of health problems, from strokes to heart disease.

So health-conscious salt lovers are likely to celebrate the fact that Japanese scientists have created a guilt-free way of enjoying it – by inventing an electric fork.

The prototype fork creates a salty taste in the mouth at the press of a button, due to the release of an electrical current which stimulates the tongue.

The device… is based on the fact that a human tongues feels salty or sour when electricity is applied to it, according to the Nikkei Technology.

The technology is likely to benefit those who are required for medical reasons to limit or eliminate salt from their diet for medical reasons, such as those suffering from hypertension….


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  1. Maynard says:

    Speaking of forks, John Kasich has again demonstrated his lack of qualification for the presidency by eating pizza with a knife and fork.

    • Shifra says:

      NYC Mayor de Blasio was caught eating pizza with a knife and fork. When mocked by the NY Post, he responded, “That’s how they eat pizza in Italy.”

      Who knew??

  2. Dekamica says:

    I’m probably a geek but I find this very cool. As a person who has been battling high blood pressure for many years, I’m willing to try just about anything if it will help and especially if no drugs are involved. But no, Maynard, I will not be “eating pizza with a knife and fork”. lol

  3. mdannyg says:

    hmm, i have a feeling this would taste/feel even worse than that “no-salt” substitute.

  4. Alain41 says:

    If was provided to prisoners at Abu Ghraib, the world’s media would be screaming, Geneva Convention Violation!

  5. Alain41 says:

    I think we need to put more salt on our food. The larger problem is the Larger Problem, such as some of the new food at Yankee Stadium including the 2 ft. cheesesteak, only $27.

    Of course, no one has to buy it and there are healthier, if not healthy, options. Will nanny Bloomberg or Mooch criticize the new Large food options? Oh, bullies don’t publicly knock icons, especially Ruthian icons.

    Opening Day is Sunday April 3. First game in Pittsburgh at 1pm hosting St. Louis.
    Yankees opening game, at home, is on Monday at 1pm.

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