Obozo1Here we go again. “Obama: Economically Successful Israel Makes Middle East Peace More Difficult”.

Obama is quoted:

“…because Israeli society has been so successful economically, it has, I think, from a position of strength, been less willing to make concessions. On the other hand, the Palestinians, because of weakness, have not the political cohesion and organization to enter into negotiations and feel like they can get what they need.”

The utter ignorance and stupidity of Obama’s remarks boggle the mind. To this shallow man, the conflict is all about economics (meaning  it must be addressed by “redistribution”) and organization (meaning redistribution must be under the control community organizers, such as — ahem! — himself). And it seems the “people being stabbed in hatred” (no mention of who’s doing the stabbing, or even that anyone is doing the stabbing; it just happens that certain people get stabbed) has nothing to do with fundamental issues of good and evil in general, or hatred of Jews in particular. No, it’s just two groups, and one is strong and the other is weak, and so this is what happens.

Obama is willfully ignorant of history and psychology, and ultimately ignorant of his own self-deception which blinds him to the obvious.

Anyway, you can see Obama’s broad moral objection to negotiating from a position of strength, because your strength makes you unwilling to make concessions. This explains why Obama negotiates international affairs from a position of weakness.

Terrifying stuff.


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Cart before horse Alinsky community organizing. Identifies weakness as resulting in lack of political cohesion instead of politics creating the weakness. Therefore, you need ME ME ME to organize you. Do as I I I your leader tells you. He can’t sell that line to a community that’s successful, eg, doesn’t need a community organizer.

  2. This buffoon is a horse’s arse, you just can’t fix stupid.

  3. Pat_S says:

    Is this some more of Obama’s twisted “tell them they are weak” strategy?

    No, that isn’t really his strategy anyway. With ISIS the strategy is “pretend they don’t exist”. With Israel, who knows, maybe the strategy is “better if they don’t exist”.

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