And this is friendly advice from someone who obviously likes her.

Dr. Mark Gouston, author of seven books, writes in Psychology Today that Hillary Clinton has a case of fearful aggression. This results in a speaking style that turns people away from her. The doctor likens the condition to a fearful dog that growls when scared. Dog trainers know how to teach the dogs better behavior. He suggests Hillary needs this kind of training.

How to De-Shrill Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s dilemma is that she is smart and speaks about what people need and want, but her style causes people to not want her.

The reason for that is that Hillary has a case of fearful aggression. Fearful aggression is well known to dog trainers and occurs when a dog is scared, it growls. It is a natural instinct and needs to be trained out of them or else they’ll never win “best of show.”

Hillary needs the same training.

It’s because she’s a woman. A woman’s “uptight” hormone gets activated by the vicissitudes of being a wife and mother.

You might ask, “What is Hillary afraid of?” Like many women who are mothers and wives, especially of driven charismatic husbands, she is used to telling people she cares about what is good for them (including husbands and teens), what can make their lives better, but something they don’t want to hear and push back against.

Furthermore, such husbands and children do not go gently in their reluctance to hear what is good for them from a wife or a mom. Instead they often scowl, become sullen, yell or in this increasingly vulgar world, retort with: “Leave me the f— alone!” or “Get off my f—king back!”

No wonder that Hillary like many millions of wives/mothers become uptight before they open their mouths. There is actually a neurological and physiological basis for this. Every time they have something to say that the other person needs to hear, but doesn’t want to it triggers a burst of cortisol in these women which is the stress and “uptight” hormone.

The stress hormone hijacks the amygdala which controls the flight or fight reaction. Hillary’s amygdala goes bonkers. Donald Trump, according to the doctor,has power over people’s amygdalas. I think he’s saying Trump uses mind control to make people want to fight.

The doctor gives Hillary a little scratch behind the ear so to speak to help her out (until the dog trainers arrive).

When you look at crowds and see them as primed to push back, perhaps as Bill and Chelsea might have done when you told them something they didn’t want to hear, realize that your supporters are not looking to judge you. Instead — and like my appearance on Oprah — imagine your supporters as looking for you to help them.

You can do this Hillary.

All you have to believe is that your supporters believe you, believe in you, like you and if you let them, they even want to love you.

If you could accept all of those, especially that you are likable and lovable, you would relax, you’d smile, you’d exude an easy confidence and walk differently in this world… and you’d get elected.

No, I am not going to insert the barking video. Go fetch it yourself. As for Hillary, let me quote the doctor again,

“Leave me the f— alone!”


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  1. Maynard says:

    I could ignore her bad bark, but we have reason to believe her bite is even worse; otherwise Bill would not have outsourced. Just saying.

  2. cbldski says:

    Hillary Clinton’s shrill screaming voice is rather off-putting. I can only imagine the torture of listening her for the next four years. Hillary does however have a nice bark.

  3. The word that most accurately describes Hillary is scold, as in “Hillary is a scold.” And no one wants a scold for a president. (to a certain extent our current golfer-in-chief is also a scold, but with a slightly better sounding voice.)

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