Yesterday I received an envelope in the mail stamped “NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY” in large red letters. Return address was OFFICE OF RECORDS, Michigan Area Assessment, “IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED”. I knew it was a scam so I opened it curious to find out what the bogus delinquncey was about. A phony debt collection agency in Nigeria? No, it was from the Republican National Committee.


They say they’ve been trying to contact me—they haven’t but that’s irrelevant—and time is running out. They go on to say,

Your first choice may not win the Nomination, but all of our Republican candidates support repealing ObamaCare…


Same old tired pitch that we really have no other choice. That’s building team spirit!

Should I be surprised the RNC is using a scam artist tactic? I’ve received fundraising requests from them in the past clumsily disguised as a survey. How do they think this will work? Do they actually expect to raise money by scaring people? What’s next, calls that I’m about to be arrested? Do they think flagrantly identifying the recipient as a deadbeat for all eyes that may fall on the envelope will result in a good-natured reaction and a donation? In short, who are these morons?


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  1. monkeymom says:

    I took the lead from a friend of mine. I save all the crap the RNC sends me and send it back to them in their postage-paid envelope. They still send me more crap.

  2. dennisl59 says:


    I received the same one yesterday. I haven’t been called a ‘Delinquent’ for a long time.
    Now Miscreant? Them’s fightin’ words pardner…

    posted 3/18 1223pm Texas[Rinse Repeatus]Time

  3. Alain41 says:

    That’s the consultant/advisor class mindset doing what it does. I was not happy with Cruz camp sending out that communique re, we’ll know if you voted in primary/caucus or not. Defense of, well Obama did it, is weak tea imho. While I want Republicans to fight like Democrats, that does not include threatening the base. But that’s what the consultant class thinks, we’re all idiots that need to be hit by a 2×4. This also is where a reminder that Reagan (and Andrew Breitbart) had the right approach. Can you imagine either one threatening voters?

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