Because the GOP Establishment will do whatever possible to make your vote irrelevant. An amazing effort from a group that up until now has limped along behaving as though they can’t organize themselves out of a paper bag. This proves my long-held contention that the GOP knows full well how to stop the Democrats but chooses not to do so. They’re *in league* with the Democrats with the bureaucracy being their priority, not you or the United States itself.

This garbage is more than shenanigans; it’s a direct and concerted effort by the existing political class to make your vote, the most revered benefit of being a citizen, irrelevant.

Via Politico.

When South Dakota’s Republican activists convened in Pierre to pick their delegates to the Republican National Convention, they got an unexpected visitor.

Merle Madrid, senior aide to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, had flown in from Columbus to make an appeal: If the convention fails to elect front-runner Donald Trump on the first ballot, consider Kasich on the second — even if the state’s Republican voters sent them there to back Trump or Ted Cruz.

Madrid was polite and earnest, but, according to interviews with 17 of the state’s 29 delegates, he came up empty.

“Kasich will not get my vote no matter what he does. That ain’t gonna happen,” said delegate Allen Unruh, a Sioux Falls chiropractor and tea party activist.

Madrid’s visit to South Dakota on Saturday marked one of the earliest signs that the shadow campaign for the Republican nomination has begun. Kasich and Cruz are scrambling to secure commitments from bound delegates to break off on a second ballot and vote against Trump. In many cases, that means asking delegates to buck Republican primary voters in the name of settling on a nominee.

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  1. kwilder says:

    Tammy… the title of & 1 sentence in the article state ‘Kasich and Cruz are scrambling’. But the rest of the article does not mention anything about Cruz scrambling. It actually states that Trump & Cruz opted against sending envoys to South Dakota. I don’t believe Cruz has anything to do with this ‘shadow campaign’.

  2. Maynard says:

    Mock if you must, but the Kasich campaign is showing signs of gathering speed. Look at the people at this Kasich event. The thrill is palpable, I tell you.

  3. The shadow government of puppet masters is every bit as corrupt and rotten as the organized crime mafia is. Wonderful image of some of the brain dead useful idiots above.

  4. dennisl59 says:

    The dude with his head in the palm of his hand is thinking, “What did I do to deserve this?”

    posted 3/24 645pm Texas[Free 5 Hour Energy Drink]Time

  5. mdannyg says:

    I’m much more concerned about the shadow campaign behind Trump, which I still believe is Democrats, the Clintons, etc.

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