John Kerry met with Vladimir Putin in Geneva for another round of Syrian talks. Putin took note that John Kerry debarked from his plane carrying his own briefcase. Putin said he was “frustrated and upset” to see that. Maybe things in America are not so good that a senior official had to carry his own luggage. Putin speculated Kerry might have something in the briefcase that he could not trust anyone else to handle. Perhaps money to haggle on key matters for the talks. Kerry replied Putin will later get to see what is in the briefcase and he will be pleasantly surprised. Hmmmm. I’d like to know what’s in his briefcase that will pleasantly surprise Putin.

Emotional Baggage: Vladimir Putin Ribs John Kerry Over Carrying His Own Luggage

“On the one hand, it’s quite a democratic way of conduct, but on the other hand, I thought probably the situation in the United States is not that good and there is no one to assist the Secretary of State in carrying his luggage,” Putin said.

The American economy is “okay,” he quipped, before adding that there was “probably” something in that “briefcase of yours you couldn’t trust anyone else with. Probably you brought some money with you to haggle on key matters.”

Kerry took Putin’s humor in stride, replying: “When we have a private moment, I’ll show you what’s in my briefcase. And I think you’ll be surprised — pleasantly.”

Unfortunately every American carries the baggage for this stupid administration, now and future generations.


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  1. Maynard says:

    Obama decided that apologies were no longer enough, and he had to sweeten the deal. Hence Kerry was personally delivering the latest tribute…

    (Cognoscenti will recognize this.)

  2. Perhaps it’s a custom personal toy, from Obama with love.

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