McCain and the GOP are so fond of gestures, I have no idea if they have any plan of actually making this law, but finally we have the obvious solution to the debacle of the VA: allow vets to get care anywhere they want at any time. If we abolished the VA and allow vets to seek any service that the VA provided in the free market it would likely save us millions of dollars. And vets wouldn’t die waiting for care.

Via Free Beacon.

Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) has introduced legislation that would expand a program allowing veterans to seek care outside of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs network of medical facilities.

The Care Veterans Deserve Act of 2016, which McCain and other Republican senators unveiled Wednesday, would make the pilot Veterans Choice Card program enacted in 2014 both permanent and universal. The bill would do away with the current restriction that veterans have to wait 30 days before seeking care outside of the VA or live 40 miles away from a VA medical facility, USA Today reported.

The legislation would expand on reforms enacted in the wake of the fake waitlist scandal in 2014. It would address continuing wait time complaints by, for example, requiring the VA to extend pharmacy hours. It would also let veterans seek care from walk-in clinics without first having to go through the VA.

“While major progress has been made in reforming the VA, much more needs to be done to tear down bureaucratic hurdles that are denying veterans the flexible, quality care they have earned and deserve,” McCain said in a statement on Wednesday.

“This legislation is critical to expanding access to care for working veterans, while ensuring every veteran has flexibility and choice–no matter where they live or how long they are waiting for care. We have a long way to go to reform the VA, but this legislation offers important short- and long-term solutions to ensure our veterans receive the care they deserve now and well into the future.”


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  1. tamcat says:

    Oh look, John McCain up for re-election, again. The co-sponsers of this bill give it some credibility. John McCain does not. What took him so long to introduce this bill? Re-election? I support Kelli Ward for Senate in Arizona!

  2. Dave says:

    The VA has no interest in offering healthcare for veterans. I speak from experience. It takes 2 months and endless phone calls to get a three picture x-ray for a right knee. If I were less persistent I would give up like most older veterans do.

  3. TX Soldier254 says:

    I too support Kelli Ward for Senate!

    McRINO is just pandering, making Empty promises to those that can defend themselves the least, when it comes to Healthcare.

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