She’s right. The attacks on Trump voters and those who’ve had enough of being volcano sacrifices for the establishment are the target. And if the system manages to force the nomination of a loser like Kasich, when we lose to Hillary the GOP bureaucracy will then try to blame Trump, Cruz, and every American who rejected system’s corrupt and dangerously failed approach to the world. The only way to stop that is to stop them now and in November.

As Tammy Radio listeners, of course, you know this because we have this discussion all the time. It’s important to overcome the GOP bureaucracy narrative that all is chaos and Trump and Cruz are disasters. That is false. Dont let them fool you.

Via RCP.

Laura Ingraham calls out conservative outlets who have written off and ridiculed working class Americans, namely the National Review. “These working people of the country are called meth-heads, horrible fathers, angry, stupid crackers,” Ingraham said Tuesday.

Ingraham on how these Americans are painted by some in the conservative media: ‘White America is all upset, white America, get a job, move on. Why don’t you move if you can’t find a job? You have four kids, you lost your factory job, you got a new job, they brought in a factory worker to replace you, tough noogies on you. Move.’

The nationally-syndicated radio host also addressed how the political establishment is resolute to the status quo. Ingraham said the politicians and their donor base aren’t interested in reevaluating globalization or deindustrialization.

“We’re never going to change our policies. We are simply never going to reevaluate globalization, we are not going to cry one tear over the deindustrialization of upstate New York or western Pennsylvania, or the fact that we’ve lost so much of our dominance in major industries, such as the steel industry,” Ingraham said.


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  1. Minnie says:

    Tammy – you & Laura need to team up & take on the The DC establishment very LOUDLY ! I vote for a Tammy – Laura ticket ! Or bring Trump & Cruz together in a room & knock some sense into them !
    Every thing Laura said is true here !

  2. Dave says:

    I love Laura and I love Tammy. Strong American women.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Good on Laura. The more that tell clear truth instead of saying, it’s complicated come together kumbaya, the better.

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