Yeah, the tyrany of liberalism continues to work overtime ruining peoples lives.

Via Washington Times.

A Canadian mother is upset after said she was investigated by child protection services for letting her children play alone in their fenced-in backyard.

Jacqui Kendrick, a stay-at-home mom in Winnipeg, said a worker with Child and Family Services showed up at her home earlier this month after receiving a complaint about unsupervised children in her yard, The Canadian Press reported.

“We’ve taught both the [older] kids so far that you look after each other. That’s kind of the point. The older ones should be looking after the younger ones,” Ms. Kendrick explained to The Press. “My 10-year-old is very responsible. We’ve taught the older ones already the whole stranger danger, and they know what to do. When my 5-year-old’s out there, she knows she’s not supposed to go up to the fence.”

She said that because a file has been created, she’s worried any future complaints could jeopardize the custody of her children.

“[The worker was] asking me about if we’ve ever dealt with CFS before, what my childhood was like, how I punish my children,” she said. “She had to look to see where my kid slept. She had to see if we had enough food in the house.”

CFS officials did not respond to The Press’ requests for comment.

Yeah, I bet they didn’t. Lunatics.


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  1. monkeymom says:

    I have a Libertarian friend who lives on a Michigan farm with her like-minded husband. They are wonderfully loving parents and her 4 children are happy, well-adjusted kids. When her youngest was an infant, she had an arm fracture that the attending physician deemed “suspect”. This family’s lives were turned upside-down! Police knocking on the door at 9 pm, social workers demanding to inspect the premises and interview the children who were already in bed, threats of removing all children from the house, and that was all in one night … and it was just the beginning. Despite a lack of any evidence of mistreatment AND finding that the physician had an extensive history of flagging cases as abuse, their lives were hell for 6 months until they were cleared of all allegations. As a result, the mom has enrolled in law school (yes, with 4 children under the age of 10!) to study family law. I am so very proud of them, not only for standing up for their rights, but for choosing to step up to the plate in the hopes that no one will have to unjustly endure what they did.

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