std awareness month

And happy it should be according to the twitter hashtag campaign #ShoutYourStatus. There’s too much STI and STD stigmatizing according to these devotees. As one person put it, many people are living happily with genital herpes and the world should embrace them.

This is the amazing reason women are telling the world they have STIs.

“So much of STI Awareness Month has focused on alarming statistics about the prevalence of STIs and fear-mongering discussion of symptoms,” Dawson told Revelist. “Meanwhile, the millions of us who live with STIs aren’t a part of that conversation.”

So she and her proudly-positive friends inserted themselves into that conversation, using #ShoutYourStatus. They encourage others with STIs to proudly declare their status, in whatever way they feel comfortable. And they want the world to know that STI awareness isn’t just about wearing condoms — it’s about acknowledging and accepting those with STIs.

“The truth of the matter is, many people are living, and living happily, as STI+ people,” de la Cretaz told Revelist. “Being able to be publicly open about my status as someone with genital herpes is a privilege and I want to use that privilege to help other people feel less alone.”


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  1. midget says:

    Working as an RN in a hospital, we used to have to post the surgical listings
    for the next day’s schedule. The list had names & ages of the patients.
    Most were having their genital warts burned off.After the HIPAA laws
    were put in place, I can assure you the patients were happy to be
    incognito to the public.

  2. n9zf says:

    Fellow shows up for blind date:

    “Hi, I’m Bob! Hey that dress is stunning. Oh, by the way, I have Genital Herpes, but it’s OK if you are…”

    Door slams.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Is this an international event? Are Cologne migrants supposed to yell their status before or during the attack? Is Iran’s group large and inclusive? What happens if you say that you have HIV? I think I’ll stick with getting to know someone.

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