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The odds go up on the apology if Obama shows up at the shrine.

But of course AFP decided to add biased statements to the article and fails to mention that we were at war with Japan. Protecting the US and ending the war was the priority.

AFP Via Yahoo News.

US Secretary of State John Kerry and fellow envoys from the G7, including nuclear powers Britain and France, will visit Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park this month, Japan announced.

Kerry will be the first US secretary of state to have ever visited the iconic park, where he is set to lay flowers at the memorial dedicated to the victims of the world’s first nuclear attack on August 6, 1945.

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said late Saturday: “Foreign ministers from the G7 countries will all visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and offer flowers at the cenotaph for the victims on April 11.”

The visit will take place on the sidelines of a foreign ministers’ meeting this month, where the envoys are scheduled to hammer out the agenda for the G7 summit in May.

US officials are still considering a possible visit to Hiroshima by President Barack Obama during his trip to Japan for the meeting, however, no official announcement has been made…

Washington has never apologised for the attacks.

The bombings are controversial in the United States, where opinion remains divided over whether their use in the closing days of World War II was justified.


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  1. David_in_Dallas says:

    Hi Karen,
    I think you are spot-on with this. I’m listening to Tammy’s “Rest of the Show” now and she is expanding on your post with more historical facts (not Progressive history bullcrap). Well done both Karen and Tammy! We need to keep our eyes on this story because Obama and his Administration are continuing their “apology tour” that began in Egypt. It’s very disturbing!

  2. ancientwrrior says:

    I guess the poor bleeding heart libs would rather have had the Japanese develop the bomb and used it on us instead. That way they would have avoided twisted their poor widdle fingers into knots. FOOLS, in war you do to them before they do to you!

  3. hektor says:

    Why should we apologize? Do we next name Harry Truman as a war criminal? How many allied lives were saved by the bombs? Next I suppose we have to apologize to the citizens of Germany for bombing Dresden and Berlin and everywhere else.

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