What do liberals do when no one stops them and they have free reign? They set up the Trash Police to inspect peoples’ garbage to make sure you aren’t committing a trash crime, like wasting food as evidenced by you putting too many food scraps in the compost bin. Seriously.

Because liberals are simply this controlling and idiotic.

Via Fox News.

A controversial Seattle ordinance that allowed city workers to inspect people’s trash — as part of an effort to stop residents from throwing food scraps in the wrong pile — was ruled unconstitutional on Wednesday.

King County Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus said sanitation works and other city collectors poking through everyday garbage violates privacy rights and voided the ordinance.

“I’m thrilled as can be,” Ethan Blevins, attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of eight Seattle residents, told The Seattle Times. He added, “We have been vindicated.”

The rule first went into effect last year, and was meant to compel residents to put food scraps in the same bins as yard waste, so all could be composted. Under the program, nine full-time solid waste inspectors as well as contracted waste haulers tagged trash cans with more than 10 percent compostable material, providing those residents with educational material on how to improve. Residents also were told that breaking the rules would come with a $1 fine for single-family homes and $50 fine for businesses or multi-family units…

Lawyers for a group of homeowners who sued the city said it made garbage collectors snoop through trash like police detectives.

“I understand people have noble goals,” Keli Carender, who got tagged two weeks in a row, told Fox News last year. “But at some point we have to say, you can’t violate my rights to achieve this noble goal.”

Carender was among 14,000 residential and commercial customers who got “tagged” in 2015.

Fascists *always* cast their tyranny in the name of noble goals. What do you expect, that they’re going to tell you the truth? This has nothing to do with worrying about the purity of the compost trash bin or wasting food, and everything to do with conditioning you into surrendering your privacy and freedom all in the name of an alleged Good Thing.

Just rememeber, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Trash monitors are the ‘electricity smart meter’ equivalent. I didn’t want a ‘smart meter’ but I got one anyway. And after undesired installation, I was left an announcement on how great this was and it was done for me for free. Free! From the government directive! WooHoo! Not. Now, I get monthly letters on when I use the most electricity. Interesting in that there’s been a big push to pay bills electronically, go paperless, but these monthly, we know what you’re doing electricity-wise, letters are paper. Could that be, it’s easy to block specific email addressees (assuming they even have your correct email address)? When paperless society collides with Big Brother, No contest, Kill the trees, is the answer. ‘Liberals’ are not.

  2. Charles_PA says:

    The most amazing part of the video was the army of people looking for recyclables as the trash moves by on a conveyor belt. Has anyone in Seattle, or its suburbs like Redmond, ever heard of robots? Robots with machine vision should be able to sort all of the garbage eliminating the need for splitting the refuse into components. Time for the hipsters to join the 21st Century like those of us in flyover country.

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