As I write in the “New Thought Police,” racism, sexism and homophobia live in the left.

And from Pat S.~~ Clinton had a walk-in role in a DeBlasio skit at the Inner Circle dinner for charity. Hillary thanked DeBlasio for his endorsement of her but noted it took a long time. DeBlasio said he was working on CP time. When black actor Leslie Odom, Jr. who was also on stage said he didn’t like that, Hillary clarified that CP was Cautious Politician time. Usually Democrats get a pass when it comes to PC effronts, but not this time. New York magazine said the joke was unfunny and terribly executed. Salon called the joke cringeworthy. Those criticisms could be applied to the entire skit.

Of course no outrage for Odom’s line about cancer being more likeable than Ted Cruz…

Via NY Post.

When Hillary Clinton joined Mayor Bill De Blasio on stage at New York City’s annual Inner Circle Dinner, no one expected things to turn racist. But that’s exactly what happened when the Democratic duo attempted to tell an ill-advised joke.

Free Beacon: Matthews to de Blasio: Your Racist Joke Was A ‘Disaster’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews called New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s racially charged comedic exchange with Hillary Clinton a “disaster” Monday.

“Wow, by the way, whoever writes your jokes up there, get a new joke writer. The CP time, all that stuff, was a disaster,” Matthews said. “It was a disaster.”


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  1. Rob_W says:

    Seriously, I had to look it up. Have never heard it before and had no idea what that racial slur meant. But then, I’m not a Democrat.

  2. Alain41 says:

    In U.S. gov’t bureaucrat circles, under various titles there is reference to UN Time or Diplomat Time or Paris Time or Vienna Time, etc. Eg, nothing is hurried, take full coffee breaks, take a full day for a 2hr. meeting, etc. But any of those references wouldn’t resonate with most Americans and it would be criticizing what international meeting participants do, especially a former Secy of State. Better to be racial and imply that slow is good caution rather than indulgence. The little people can eat cake.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Blasio campaigned for Hillary in Iowa and she neither invited him nor wanted him to. Was this a sneaky way to get back at her?

  4. Minnie says:

    I have to doubt DeBlasio in his head thinks he can use the term because he’s entitled with being in a bi-racial marriage . Its similiar to blacks calling each other the “N” word . Years ago I attended a Native American conference on Fetal Health . It was the first time I heard the term “Indian Time” & it was used quite frankly when they explained the lateness of starting times for sessions . The “Opening session ” will be at 9:00 am , but no guarantee on “indian time”. Well I & others arrived at 9:00 & the session actually started at 10:00 … & as the native American attendeees filed in . No apology …” We’re on Indian time ” “you know its a cultural thing” . Yeah just put up that “cultural thing” shield so no one better darn well not try & hold you responsible ! That would make you a “Raaciist”.
    I see this as quite the same for the “colored people” time .DeBlasio was not cute for using it . It was actually more of an insult to all those those in the black culture who actually don’t buy into this identity politics garbage & lame excuses but take personal respinsibility for their behavior like all of us should .

  5. Pat_S says:

    I think the plan was to get the audience coiled up with tension and then comes the comic relief. A big laugh to uncoil was expected. The problem is the left has been so successful at thought policing laughter is forbidden within close physical or mental proximity of a PC violation no matter what the context or obvious intent.

  6. Gregger171 says:

    Why get all wee-wee’d up over a joke? The left is humorless.

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