More warning about the disaster to come if we allow Obama’s scheme to succeed.

Via NRO.

As President Obama rolls out the red carpet for Middle Eastern refugees, he totally ignores the fact that militant-Islamic killers lurk among this bedraggled population. Obama replied to ISIS’s March 22 mayhem in Brussels, Belgium, by reasserting “our openness to refugees fleeing [ISIS]’s violence.” How excruciatingly ironic that one of the men who brutalized Brussels — killing 32 innocent people (including four Americans) and wounding 300 more — was one of the same “refugees” to whom Obama promises “openness.”


Osama Krayem was arrested on April 8. Belgian police believe he was the second terrorist “present at the time of the attack at the Maelbeek subway station” in Brussels, according to CNN. The news channel further reported that this ISIS member “is thought to have come to Europe, along with hundreds of refugees from war-torn nations, via the Greek island of Leros.” He evidently traveled on a bogus Syrian passport under the pseudonym Naim al Hamed.


Ahmad al Mohammad, perhaps a nom de guerre, blew himself up outside a soccer match at Paris’s Stade de France as ISIS massacred 130 and injured 368 others on November 13. Mohammad apparently carried a fake Syrian passport, entered Leros last October 3, and registered with Serbian police on October 7. “Leros authorities say they simply do not have the resources to screen all the migrants effectively,” the BBC reports, “or even check whether passports are genuine.”


May [2011], the NCTC reports, the FBI “arrested Kentucky-based Iraqi refugees Wa’ad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi for attempting to send weapons and explosives from Kentucky to Iraq and conspiring to commit terrorism while in Iraq.” Both refujihadists pled guilty to these charges. They entered America through a refugee program in 2009. The FBI rounded them up after their fingerprints were found on improvised explosive devices in Iraq. At the time of his arrest, Alwan reportedly was on government assistance and lived in public housing.

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  1. Maynard says:

    Flashback: “Tsarnaev Family Received More Than $100,000 In Benefits”.

    Why is our government paying so much for people who come to murder us? And why are we outsourcing? Couldn’t we find local talent to do the murders on a budget?

  2. ancientwrrior says:

    Because Owebama wants the jobs to go to his Islamic brethren.

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