Europe has strict “hate speech” laws, but instead of being fired, I would have liked this man to have been demoted…to clean the bathrooms at the call center.

Just a suggestion.

Via Algemeiner:

A European call center issued a public apology on Thursday, after a report in the Belgian press revealed that an employee at its Brussels branch had denied the existence of Israel during a phone conversation with a Jewish volunteer from Antwerp trying to arrange the return home of two Israelis wounded in last week’s terrorist attacks on the city’s airport.

According to the report, in the Belgian monthly Jood Actueel, the IPG Action Crisis Center employee insisted on calling Israel “Palestine,” and the “occupation.”

PG said it “profoundly regrets” the incident, announcing that the offender’s job was “terminated with immediate effect.”

….Both the recording and transcript of the phone call in question appeared in the article. The latter is as follows:

Volunteer: Good afternoon, my name is X, I am a volunteer in the Jewish coordination committee of Antwerp. We are contacted by persons… we have 2 persons of the Jewish community that were hurt in the attacks in the airport.

Crisis Center: Yes sir.

X: They are prepared to be transported back to Israel. Our volunteers are busy with it and take care of everything, but we received information from the hospital that we need special papers from the police that they can be released. Is this correct and to who should we ask that? Can you tell me more about that?

CC: That is effectively.. I will take a look. So … they go back to Palestine.

X: Not Palestine, Israel.

CC: Yes, but that was before Palestine, of course. OK.

X: Could you repeat that again, please? What is the name?

CC: That … Palestine.

X: Can I get your name, please?

CC: Of course, Zakaria.

X: And you know only Palestine?

CC: Sorry?

X: You don’t know Israel, only Palestine?

CC: I know the Jews went there, that Palestine received them and that there is a war between Israel and Palestine, of course. And the occupation… that’s what’s on the news, of course.

X: Can you help me with the question I have, or not?

CC: Naturally, of course. Thus they go back to Palestine and ask that they could get an attestation. Voila, it is noted.

X: Can I have your name again, I didn’t understand it well.

CC: Zakaria.

X: Zakaria?

CC: That is correct.

X: Zakaria what? What is your last name?

CC: I am not obliged to give it.

X: OK.

X: Thank you very much….


American Thinker: There Was Never a Country Caller Palestine


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Brussels is at least 24% Muslim, most arrived in the last few years. I read that the Brussels bombers had relatives that worked at the airport and that’s how they knew the security flaws. Regardless, with that population percentage, there has to be at least a friend of a friend who knows…situation everywhere. I strongly doubt that this call operator is the only one. Another followup question; what geography is taught in the schools? Belgium was the country that did not have a President for a year and a half (2013 & 14) and said that it didn’t matter. Don’t see the EU President doing anything for it or the UN Secy General except demand more tax money. Are the new migrants paying that tax money? Without a change, some day the Grand Place (square) will be filled with kneeling prayers 5 times a day. Aloha Fubar.

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