red dot

No, this is not the flag of Japan.

This is an optical illusion hitting the Internet.

And yes, I did see a horse grazing.

Really 🙂

Via Telegraph:

Take a close look at the red dot – what do you see?

The puzzle is the latest in a deluge of optical illusions to have flooded the internet in recent weeks and has reportedly left many divided about what they can see.

Those taking the online eye test are asked: “Calm your mind and stare at this red circle. See anything?”

Is it just a red dot? Is there actually an animal? Or are we just all being trolled?

….While some people apparently spend ages trying to work out the outline behind the red dot, those with exemplary eyesight can clearly see the outline of a grazing horse with ease.

While no scientific explanation has been offered as to why some struggle to see the horse, it is thought to test the brain’s ability to differentiate between hues of red….


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  1. Chuck says:

    Horse or donkey?

  2. Alain41 says:

    What have they done to Bullseye (Target dog)?!
    (No horse for me.)

  3. DAVID says:

    That is a male bovine. Large chest and rear underside profile.

  4. Teri says:

    What I see is a bull looking straight at me, the head tilted left. Either a cow or bull when you focus in but not a horse 🙂

  5. katieh09 says:

    Why ‘grazing’? Just side profile of standing horse.

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