“Irate” seems to appropriately describe the beaver’s mood. If he was a voter I’d say… TrumpTrain for sure. Just saying.

USA Today: Beaver attacks Latvian man, who couldn’t be helped because police thought his report was a prank call

Inna Plavoka, editor at the local Seychas daily newspaper, told Latvian Radio 4 that the man, who was referred to only as Sergei, was walking outside late at night when a beaver ran up out of the bushes and bit him in the leg. Knocked to the ground, he tried to get up and run away, only to be bitten again.

The beaver then stood guard, refusing to let him get up. In the words of the Latvian Public Broadcasting report: “The beaver was in effect holding Sergei hostage.”

This is nightmarish enough, but what happens next is what makes the whole thing even more ridiculous and horrifying.

Sergei attempted to call police for help, but was hung up on because they believed he was making a prank call. So he then tried a friend, who also believed him to be joking, until Sergei finally convinced him he was in peril…

…[P]olice found the man still at the mercy of the toothsome terrorist, who made clear his hostility to law enforcement and all the norms of civilized behavior.

Are we sure this wasn’t really a Honey Badger??


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Latvia rejoices that Jimmy Carter will never visit.

  2. Dave says:

    Those eastern European and Russian beavers are dangerous. I wonder how many American mountain men back in the day were never heard from again because of a beaver attack. Who knows?

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