Secretary of State Hillary with her Islamist militant buddies in Libya.

Weird, right? Hillary blames the rise of ISIS on pretty much everyone, except Gilligan, Ginger, Maryann, Fred, Wilma, Betty and Wilma, and oh yeah, any YouTube video.

Just as a reminder, ISIS was a franchise of al-Qaeda in Libya, which then flourished after the murder of Qaddafi, a Hillary State Department project. It left a massive power vacuum in which ISIS/AQ thrived. It then expanded into Syria as that civil war exploded when it became clear that Obama and Hillary’s US was a paper tiger after the “red line” debacle. The chaos continued into 2014 as ISIS expanded into Iraq seizing Fallujah. This is when Obama delivered his famously idiotic “JV team” statement and continued to do nothing.

Keep all that in mind as Hillary blames Assad, Iran and Russia. I’m surprised the liar didn’t work in a corkscrew landing somewhere. That would have added even more drama. Make no mistake~~ ISIS belongs to Hillary and Obama, and they know it. Obama’s former top intel chief Michael Flynn, told Jake Tapper that Obama deliberately downplayed the ISIS threat as it interfered with his 2012 re-election narrative. Yet Hillary thinks she deserves a promotion and even more power. Let’s make sure she gets booted out of town instead.

Via RCP.

Speaking to Jack Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, Hillary Clinton responds to charges from Republicans and Democrats that her policies as President Obama’s Secretary of State led to the rise of the Islamic State.

“That is beyond absurd,” Sec. Clinton said. “I’m just going to let them say whatever they choose to say… ISIS was primarily the result of the [power] vacuum in Syria caused by Assad.”

JAKE TAPPER: Jeff Weaver, Sen. Sanders’ campaign manager said that your foriegn policy, and you support a foreign policy that helped give rise to ISIS

HILLARY CLINTON: That is beyond absurd. They’re saying a lot of things these days, and I’m just going to let them say whatever they choose to say.

ISIS was primarily the result of the [power] vacuum in Syria caused by Assad first and foremost, aided and abetted by Iran and Russia.


Libya- Hillary’s gift to ISIS. Now the JV team has chemical weapons


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