Thought I’d bring this up since most of the Legacy Media is only covering where Malia Obama will be going to school, and the jokes Obama told last night at the WH Correspondents Dinner.

It also ruptured an underground gas line, but you know, whatever. Maybe the EPA was so happy with how they handled the Flint water crisis they’ll just implement the “lie and do nothing” approach here, too!

Via Daily Mail.

A train crash resulted in a hazardous substance being spilled and a gas line being ruptured in a Washington, D.C. suburb early Sunday morning, emergency officials have said.

Some 14 cars tumbled off the tracks after the CSX freight train derailed near the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station 6:40am, with one of them spilling sodium hydroxide – a substance that can burn human skin and eyes, and generate enough heat to ignite gas.

That car has been plugged and the gas main turned off, but it’s not known how long it will take to clean up the spill, NBC Washington reported – nor has a reason for the incident been given.

In a news conference, D.C. Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Meyers that the ruptured tanker car had spilled sodium hydroxide onto the track after the derailment but had now been plugged.

It was not known how much of the hazardous substance had been released.
He also said that there was no danger to the public and that they should not worry about being affected by fumes from the chemical.

Better known as lye or caustic soda, sodium hydroxide generates heat when it comes into contact with water – enough to cause gas to ignite, according to the Centers for Disease Control, NBC said.

And if it comes into contact with eyes or skin it can cause irritation and burns – and damage the lungs if inhaled.

Yeah, but there’s no danger to the public. Is there anything thebureaucracy won’t lie about?



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