Kerry poke eye

So now we’re Iran’s marketing manager and sales staff. Can Congress at lease threaten the State Dept with *something*? This administration is now *working* for the worst terror supporting nation on the planet.

He’s actually telling Europe to *ignore* the sanctions we have on Iran, that it’s ok, we don’t mind. Completely dismissing American and international law. What are they thinking?? Europe just may be avoiding deals with the devil because they know what Iran is up to and are nervous about funding an attack on Israel and ultimately, WWIII.

Obama and Kerry, not to much.

Via WSJ.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that European businesses should not use U.S. sanctions on Iran as an excuse for avoiding business with Tehran.

Mr. Kerry’s comments, just ahead of meetings with European banking leaders here Thursday, were part of the Obama administration’s moves recently to help integrate Iran into the global economic system after decades of punitive sanctions.

Six world powers agreed last year to lift international sanctions in return for curbs on Iran’s nuclear program. But since the deal formally took effect in January, Iranian officials have complained that they are not seeing the results of the sanction relief swiftly enough. Although the U.S. played a major role in the nuclear deal, U.S. sanctions related to human rights and terrorism remain in place on broad sectors of Iran’s economy.

Mr. Kerry told reporters traveling with him Tuesday that the U.S. “sometimes gets used as an excuse in this process” by business executives who fear that U.S. would frown on deals with Iran.

“If they don’t see a good business deal, they shouldn’t say, ‘Oh, we can’t do it because of the United States.’ That’s just not fair. That’s not accurate,” Mr. Kerry said.

The secretary is here through Thursday for an anticorruption summit and diplomatic meetings. He will meet with European banking leaders to “address their concerns about conducting business with Iran” after the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, a U.S. official said.


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  1. Shifra says:

    John, can you push that finger a bit harder into your eye?

    (Was that just wrong of me?)

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