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Obama in Vietnam – poses for picture with smiling bust of brutal dictator Ho Chi Minh

So sick of this!

Via CNS News.

In an address to the people of communist-ruled Vietnam on Tuesday, President Obama made a case for the importance of upholding human rights, prefacing it by saying that the United States, too, “is still striving to live up to our founding ideals.”

“No nation is perfect,” he said at the National Convention Center in Hanoi. “Two centuries on, the United States is still trying to striving to live up to our founding ideals.”

“We still deal with our shortcomings – too much money in politics, and rising economic inequality,” Obama continued. “Racial bias in our criminal justice system. Women still not being paid as much as men doing the same job. We still have problems and we’re not immune from criticism – I promise you, I hear it every day.”….

He also stressed the importance of freedom of religion, assembly and the press.

“When journalists and bloggers are able to shine a light on injustice or abuse, that holds officials accountable and builds public confidence that the system works,” he said…..


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  1. Minnie says:

    Well he once again lives up to the expectation . Never misses a chance to diss the US & Of course its allways the other guy & no accountability for himself ! And where is the media blow back ? Never happens ! I HATE THESE PEOPLE !

    • Shifra says:

      What Minnie said…

      • Vintageport says:

        POSUS kept his promise and stopped short of a literal apology. Of course, a narcissist wouldn’t want to apologize because that would inherently mean he was a part of the problem. And Lord knows he had nothing to do with it, and wants the Communists to know his silky soft hands are clean. So criticize away, MOFOTUS.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Even though he was acting, Reagan was/is always associated with, Win one for the Gipper. Obama should always be associated with, Lose one for the Barry.

  3. ROADHOG58 says:

    I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his tonsils were on fire. When is he gonna go to Russia and apologize for winning the cold war? How about apologizing to the Germans for fire bombing their cities? 1/20/17 cannot come soon enough. I absolutely loathe him to the very depths of my soul. I work with Vietnamese on Robins AFB I don’t think any of them want to go back.

  4. cbldski says:


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