I can’t wait for the menace of this administration to get out. It’s like being run by a gang of children running with scissors.

Via Fox News.

American special operations troops were not authorized to wear the patches of Kurdish forces while advising them in Syria and have been told to remove them, the U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad said Friday, after Turkish leaders protested.

Army Col. Steve Warren said that while U.S. special operations forces have historically and routinely worn the insignia of foreign troops they are working with, this case was not appropriate due largely to political sensitivities.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said it was “unacceptable” for soldiers of a Turkish ally to use the patches of the YPG, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighting the Islamic State group. Turkey views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdish Workers’ Party, or PKK, an armed insurgent group which it has fought for decades and is considered a terror organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union.

Photos of U.S. special operations forces wearing the insignia surfaced this week, and Turkish leaders relayed their complaint to the U.S.

“There’s political sensitivities around the organization that that patch represents, and that makes it inappropriate,” Warren told Pentagon reporters Friday. “These guys on the ground do what they’re going to do and they have their customs and courtesies that they have been following for years. But it’s also important to understand the larger strategic context … and I think that’s the inappropriateness of it, is that they didn’t understand that.”

Well, if we’re going to bow down to Turkey’s complaints that the Kurds are terrorists, then why are we helping them at all? Talk about political correctness driving people to make nonsensical decisions.

The Peshmurga, btw, are making amazing strategic gains against ISIS. They are th eonly force we can truly count on. Here are some reports:

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Despite ISIS hazards, Peshmerga offensive liberates Shabak, Kakei villages

Kurdish peshmerga forces launch offensive east of Iraq’s Mosul

Meet the Peshmerga Women Fighting ISIS


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  1. n9zf says:

    Trump ought to say on a campaign stop, that “A Trump presidency will return the United States as a trusted ally. Let those who would tremble at a Trump presidency be our enemies.”

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