If Donald Trump is elected president, watch for the Obama lapdog, er, watchdog media to immediately start reporting the true disastrous unemployment numbers.

And of course they will blame Trump for it, while Obama chuckles… on the golf course.


Via NY Post.

Donald Trump, if elected president, will investigate the veracity of US economic statistics produced by Washington — including “the way they are reported.”….

“When you look at some of these [economic] numbers they give out and then you go out and see people dying to get a job all over the country, I mean, it’s not jibing with what’s really going on,” Trump said.

“The economy is not doing well,” Trump said….

Trump says he thinks the US unemployment rate is close to 20 percent and not the 5 percent reported by the Labor Department.

Anyone who believes the 5 percent is a “dummy,” he said.

Trump has said in the past that the Fed is also in his cross hairs for an audit. (I would recommend he look into how the Fed interferes with the markets.)

As I’ve been reporting for years, the official unemployment rate is conveniently reduced by a number of factors — each in place during both Democratic and Republican administrations.

One of these factors, for example, is out-of-work people who have stopped looking for work for more than a year because they may have grown frustrated by the lack of jobs.

They are not counted in the unemployment rate….


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  1. Maynard says:

    Sure, we know the drill. When a Republican is in office, we see endless reports of homelessness, job loss, decrepitude, and general hopelessness. When a Democrat is in charge, those stories fade away, replaced by visions of growth and uplift. And when it becomes undeniable that those Democrat visions of prosperity have failed to materialize…well, it’s obviously due to obstructionist Republicans who still lurk in the wings, thwarting every step of advancement and enlightenment.

    The truth is America will continue to decline until we “change” in the direction of living within our means — which is to say, consuming less than we produce, and investing our surplus production in the future. Political plans will necessarily do more harm than good, in that they are always focused on ramping up consumption, to the detriment (although the politicians will deny it) of production and investment. The winning political strategy is economically toxic; our biggest problem is that the winning economic strategy is politically toxic. Now that so many people worship at the altar of the false messiah of government, I don’t know how we get out of that box.

  2. ROADHOG58 says:

    A car in every garage, a chicken in every pot and a server in every bathroom.

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