Tammy noted that the upcoming meeting Donald Trump will have with Paul Ryan is much like dealing with a spoiled child; you want to be gentle, show some respect, but the more they scream and yell and they think they are influencing the adults, you go in and take their concerns seriously. Then, what Mr. Trump needs to do is make sure that what he wants is moved thru, and that they understand who’s boss now…and it is not Paul Ryan.

Tammy also shared that she had previously been “for the GOP nominee” but now, looking at all the damage the other side has done, she is “pro-Trump;” He will win the presidency, and we will get this nation back on her feet.


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  1. BarbaraM says:

    Oh no Tammy, not you too.
    Pro Trump before the convention?
    He is no constitutional conservative.
    Never saw you being in that Fox conga line.
    Trump support is so media driven, same way Obama was.
    Turned our selection of POTUS into a reality show.
    Insulting good people. He is an embarrassment.
    Hillary will knock him out in any debate.
    Sorry, you can’t drag me along like the rest of the media is trying to do.
    I remain unconvinced.

    • Kimj7157 says:

      “Fox conga line”? I’ve never once thought of the TB we all know as a ‘go along to get along’ type. Now, if there was an “independent, informed, pragmatic conga line” she’d definitely be there.

  2. yayii says:

    Wow Lou is drunk on Trump kool-aid and looks like Tammy has had a few shots also lol
    Go Trump Make America great again 🙂

  3. Kitten says:

    I watched Tammy’s announcement with a big ole smile on my face. 🙂

    Really, the choice could not be clearer. #NeverCankels

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