Because for some reason the legacy media, liberals and President Obama want you to think you are the problem, and you being able to protect yourself is the problem, the media is offering up a shocked response to Trump’s comment that if any of the Orlando Pulse club goers had been armed, they would have been able to take down the terrorist. Yes, that would have been a good thing, and many gays and lesbians seem to think so too, as the Pink Pistols, an LGBT gun owners club is finding out. Their membership soared after the Orlando terror attack.

Political Wire posted:

Donald Trump “argued again that the mass shooting in Orlando, could have been less deadly had people in the gay nightclub been able to shoot back,” The Hill reports.

Said Trump: “If we had people with the bullets going in the opposite direction — right smack between the eyes of this maniac. If some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist or right to their ankle, and this son of a bitch comes out and starts shooting, and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? That would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks, that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight.”

Trump is right. A dead, mass-murderering terrorist, would have been a beautiful sight.

Obama, in his comments last week also offered up a condemnation of the idea that arming the clubgoers “defies common sense.” He actually pushed his political narrative at the memorial for Orlando victims:

President Obama visited the scene of the Pulse nightclub shooting today in Orlando, declaring that “the notion that the answer to this tragedy would be to make sure that more people in a nightclub are similarly armed to the killer defies common sense. Those who defend the easy accessibility of assault weapons should meet these families and explain why that makes sense…

It does, in fact, make all the sense in the world. Last year, the people at Personal Defense World listed 10 cases where an armed American took down an active shooter, saving dozens of lives. Click through for the full listing, but here are just a few examples.

Last year in Moore, Oklahoma, a man went berserk in a food plant and attacked a female worker, literally decapitating her. He then went after a second woman. Hearing the screams, Chief Operating Officer Mark Vaughan availed himself of a firearm, ran to the scene and shot down the killer.

In Cape Town, South Africa, in 1993 four terrorists armed with fully automatic assault weapons and hand grenades attacked the Saint James Church. Their sudden, violent assault killed 11 victims and wounded 58. But a single armed citizen named Charl van Wyk was able to draw his personal carry gun, a five-shot snub-nosed .38 Special revolver, and open fire. He wounded one of the attackers, and all four were so jarred off their plan by this unexpected return of gunfire that they broke off the attack and fled.

Jeanne Assam was an ex-cop working volunteer security for the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 2007, when she heard the opening volley of shots and literally “ran to the sound of the guns.” Armed with the 9mm pistol she was licensed to carry as an armed citizen, she shot the killer on the run and dropped him, at which time he shot himself, concluding the matter. Assam was hailed for her courageous act, which indisputably saved many lives.

More than 15 years ago… a vicious teen had stabbed his mother to death the night before to gain access to his estranged father’s locked gun cabinet. He subsequently showed up at the high school in Pearl, Mississippi, and opened fire. Hearing shots and screams, Vice Principal Myrick ran to the parking lot and retrieved his Colt Officer’s .45, with which he confronted the escaping killer. The young monster, who had killed two young victims and wounded 11, surrendered as soon as he looked down the barrel of the vice principal’s sidearm. He had been on course, with the stolen .30-30 rifle and more ammunition, to a nearby junior high school when Myrick captured him.

In Aurora, Colorado, in 2012, a crazed gunman showed up at a church there and opened fire by surprise, killing a helpless woman. Before he could claim any more victims, however, he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer among the parishioners, who was carrying his own handgun. The incident occurred at the New Destiny Christian Center.

In Pennsylvania last year, an enraged man entered a psychiatric clinic and shot a caseworker dead and wounded one of the doctors before the latter drew a small-caliber pistol and shot the man down, limiting the death toll to one. The doctor recovered and, declared a hero by local police, suffered no consequences for being armed in a “gun-free” zone. I was on a panel with three psychologists that discussed this case for the “Ethics and Psychology” podcast. The general consensus was that the Pennsylvania doctor had done the right thing and prevented a massacre.


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