Of course. Everything The Jerk touches goes sour, at least when it comes to his own agenda. The problem is Obama’s self-obsessed feckless incompetence also usually causes chaos for everyone else.

Via RCP.

DANIEL HANNAN, MEMBER EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: He did intervene very directly in our system and I have to say he had the opposite effect from the one he intended. There were four opinion polls taken the week after Mr. Obama told us to vote remain and all of them showed a sharp swing to leave and I have to now say, you know I don’t know whether he was a secret agent on our side all along, but he may given the narrowness of the result have been the reason that we’re now a sovereign and independent country again. You know what, I can’t help noticing that you guys voted [to] leave a while ago, it seems to have worked out okay for you.


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  1. Shifra says:

    I am looking forward to this headline: “Obama May Be the Reason Hillary Lost the Election”

  2. Vintageport says:

    Keep the dream, and the POSUS streak, alive Shifra.

  3. midget says:

    I agree with the Brit MEP, I just couldn’t help thinking that the anchor Trish is
    a dead ringer for Diana Rigg.

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