The only way you can still be worried that ISIS *might* strike is if you’re determined to continue pretending that they haven’t struck already. Because, you know, the “hate crime” in Orlando.

I’m sure Obama and his sycophants look at it this way: As long as they can blame Republicans and insist terrorism is “workplace violence” or a “hate crime,” they can insist Obama is keeping everyone safe from terrorism! Just like how everyone dropping out of the work force really equals full employment.

Via NY Post.

CIA Director John Brennan warned Americans hours after Tuesday’s deadly Istanbul terror attack that he fears ISIS is planning similar large-scale offensives inside the United States.

In an interview with Yahoo News, the nation’s top spy said he’s “worried” that a copycat attack will be carried out within our borders by the radical jihadist network, which is believed to be behind the suicide bombings at Ataturk Airport that claimed 41 lives and injured scores more.

“I am worried from the standpoint of an intelligence professional who looks at the capabilities of (ISIS) … and their determination to kill as many as people as possible and to carry out attacks abroad,” Brennan told Yahoo News, adding, “I’d be surprised if (ISIS) is not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the United States.”

Brennan then turned up the scare factor by talking about how easy it would be to “construct” a suicide vest.

“You look at what happened in the Turkish airport, these were suicide vests,” he told Yahoo News. “It’s not that difficult to actually construct and fabricate a suicide vest … so if you have a determined enemy and individuals who are not concerned about escape, that they are going into it with a sense that they are going to die, that really does complicate your strategy in terms of preventing attacks.”

But the spy chief gave a tip of the hat to US Homeland Security officials and his own CIA officers for preventing ISIS operatives from committing attacks on American soil — thus far.

He noted that the terrorists who pulled off attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino were inspired by ISIS, which controls large swaths of land in Iraq and Syria.

These comments are a perfect example of how Obama’s sick fixation on disinformation allows the CIA director to pretend as though a “major” ISIS attack hasn’t happened. It obviously did in Orlando, where even more people were murdered than in Istanbul.

Dangerously incompetent idiots, every single person in charge of this government.


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