“Maybe I’ve Been Wrong…”

My respect to Tommy Christopher for having the courage to write this. He will, no doubt, face an avalanche of criticism from the left and he may even walk it back, but in the meantime he’s written a thoughtful, honest piece about keeping our nation safe in the midst of this war with Radical Islam.

Via Mediaite.

There’s a lot that is still unknown about the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida Sunday morning, but the things we do know are enough. At least 50 people are dead, including the shooting suspect who has been identified as Omar Mateen, making this the worst mass shooting in United States history. If law enforcement is correct, and this was an act of terrorism, this will be the worst attack on US soil since 9/11.

We don’t know much about the shooter yet, but let’s keep it real, folks, we know enough about him to know that maybe it’s time we take the politically correct gloves off and realize that maybe the people calling for a total ban on these people aren’t completely off-base. Just a temporary ban, until we can figure this out.

As a liberal, it’s hard for me to admit that maybe I’ve been wrong in supporting the sorts of half-measures that allowed this atrocity to take place, but freedom is important to me. But our weak-willed politicians have failed to keep us safe from these people, unwilling even to find a better way to vet them, let alone to keep the most dangerous ones from slipping through. I’ve heard all of the arguments before, that not all of them are killers, but all of the killers seem to be them. Meanwhile, we have a president who refuses to even identify them by name.

UPDATE: well, this didn’t take long. Within an hour an “update” appeared at the end of the column with Christopher contemplating walking it back…



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  1. deaves1 says:

    They may hold up the invasion, but what about the many thousands already here?

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