This is how political correctness is killing us. In any other normal environment, anyone making a terrorist threat would be hauled off. But not anymore. And at the airport no less! She’s allowed to wander around LAX for two hours, and only then is she escorted from the premises. Who is this woman? A citizen? A tourist? Will anyone in the legacy media care to find out? I did a cursory search on Google and in News and found good conservative blog coverage but not much else.

Thanks goodness for New Media because without the internet, well, we’d be even more screwed than we are right now.

Yeah, it’s past time to stop this nonsense.

Via Townhall.

In a bizarre series of events that took place outside a terminal of the Los Angeles International airport on June 14, a Muslim woman dressed in Islamic garb was recorded threatening to bomb America and declaring Allah as the god of all gods.

Cameraman Tony Vera witnessed police questioning the woman at the airport and searching her luggage, but finding nothing wrong, they released her and let her continue on to the terminal.

Vera stopped the woman to ask a few questions and in return received a lecture on religion and history.

“F*** America,” the woman said. “I will make sure we bomb America. You wait and see!”

After another six minutes of rants about the supremacy of Islam over other religions and expressed anger towards Donald Trump, the woman calmly walked into the airport headed for an Asia bound airliner.

Apparently, after being in the airport for two hours, police detained the woman and escorted her from the premises.

“You will see,” she said while being taken away.

Click through for the video.


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  1. Vintageport says:


  2. midget says:

    The picture of her on Twitter was her giving the camera a double middle finger salute. I wonder what that meant.

  3. eMVeeH says:

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, diiiiiiiiiinnng!

  4. eMVeeH says:

    Indeed, Tammy. PC culture and willfull ignorance is getting people killed.

    Recall last December’s terror attack in San Bernardino. It was both heartbreaking and disgusting to see the reaction of some residents when the Obamas showed up.

    There were those who made no bones about the cause of the terror attack: Islamic terror, and something has to be done about it [Incredibly, local news coverage was fairly even handed]. Then there were those who heaped praise on Obama for making a “pit stop” before heading to Hawaii for Christmas. One woman was crying because the POTUS demonstrated so much compassion. If those ignorant fools had done a little homework—they wouldn’t need to leave home. Theres the ‘net for goodness sake!—they’d have found that it was Obama’s own ME immigration policy that made that Muslim Bonnie and Clyde possible.

  5. Dave says:

    America is infected with a virus. A virus that is highly contagious which attacks all public servants. It causes them to forget how to do their freaking job.

  6. Chris says:

    Did she have a ‘CoExist’ bumper sticker on her suitcase?
    Wonder how she felt about flying in a Jet that was manufactured in Eff-America?

  7. Maynard says:

    Ummm…so this gal goes into the LAX international terminal and tells travelers they’ll be dead, you’ll see, and the next day there’s a bloodbath at the Istanbul international terminal. I suppose it’s probably a coincidence, but an odd one. Yeah, nothing to see, move along, lest you be branded an Islamophobe.

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