josh earnest lying

What an awful job, saying idiotic things in public to cover for your boss.

I almost feel sorry for Josh Earnest.


Via Free Beacon.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the term “radical Islamic extremism” is a Republican political talking point during an interview on CNN Tuesday….

“You want to deal with this problem that happened in Orlando, you want to take it on, then call it what it is. The president’s speech, while seen as effective on many different levels, didn’t move the needle much on Islam, radical Islamic terror,” CNN host Chris Cuomo said. “People still feel he doesn’t say that because he’s afraid of dealing with this problem, that he lacks a fundamental toughness about calling it what it is. He didn’t move the needle on that, Josh, and people even look in Orlando and say, ‘Well, this is a reflection of that weakness as well.’ Fair?”

“Well, no, Chris,” Earnest said. “It’s outrageous, actually. The truth of the matter is, the individuals who spend most of their time talking about radical Islamic terrorism are individuals like Republicans in the Senate who voted against legislation that would prevent those individuals from being able to buy a gun and those are individuals who have not actually put forward their own strategy for keeping the country safe. Using the term ‘radical Islamic extremism’ is not a counterterrorism strategy. It is a political talking point, plain and simple….

Earnest added Obama was “focused on a strategy” to protect the homeland, while Republicans were “focused on a talking point.”


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  1. dennisl59 says:

    Every word out of this major pissant zombie’s mouth were written and then programmed by Valerie Jarrett, The Crown Regent of Amerika, Land of the Serfs.

    posted 6/21 305pm Texas[Miss me yet?–Ted Cruz]Time

  2. Alain41 says:

    FDR said we would offer a New Deal. Wasn’t a strategy.
    JFK said we would go to the moon. Wasn’t a strategy.
    LBJ said we would build a Great Society. Wasn’t a strategy.
    Those evil talking points.

  3. Maynard says:

    From Taranto’s column today:

    This is typical of the administration in so many ways. There’s the political talking point “It’s a political talking point.” There’s the straw man, as if anyone were claiming that “using the term” is sufficient to constitute “a counterterrorism strategy.” Critics fault the president for refusing to tell the truth. Lying isn’t a counterterrorism strategy either.

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