Really, let’s just admit it: Our government is being run by grifters.

Via Washington Examiner.

The White House doesn’t seem to know how much money it has on hand to battle the growing threat of the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus, even as it continues to demand $1.9 billion in new spending.

The Obama administration in April shifted about $590 million from a fund aimed at controlling the Ebola virus, to combat the new Zika threat. But administration officials have been unable to answer how much of that money is left.

The White House, the Centers for Disease Control and the Office of Management and Budget were all unable to provide an exact number or even an estimate, despite repeated requests. Not even House appropriators can find out exactly how much money is available and how it is to be spent, aides told the Washington Examiner…

“Nobody knows how much the administration has spent on Zika,” Dan Holler, spokesman for the conservative Heritage Action, told the Examiner. “They are requesting $1.9 billion, but they have not made clear what that would be used for, and what they’ve spent or how fast they are spending the $590 million.”


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  1. Alain41 says:

    No budget since Obama elected in 2008. And no budget since Republicans took the House in 2010.

    Al Capone asks Jesse James; Where did all the money go? Answer; How would I know? I just rob banks.

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