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If an anti-abortion professor had posted a rant about storming Planned Parenthood headquarters to kill everyone, it would have been all over the news, and the left would be screaming the story from the rooftops.

Via Fox News.

An Ohio professor is reportedly under investigation for making a Facebook post calling for anti-gun activists to “storm the NRA headquarters” and “make sure there are no survivors.”

James Pearce, an adjunct professor at Southern State Community College in Hillsboro, wrote the post on June 13, the day after the terrorist mass shooting attack in Orlando.

“Look, there’s only one solution,” Pearce wrote. “A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors.”

He continued: “This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists. Then and only then will we see some legislative action on assault weapons.”….

Pearce has commented on the controversy, saying “it was supposed to be a joke, folks.” But he did apologize for what he called a “foolish mistake.”


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  1. midget says:

    Talk about villagers running amok with torches & pitchforks.
    Well,obviously because they have no guns.

  2. hektor says:

    I do not think he was really joking – until maybe he realized that he would have to be up in front leading the pack. Maybe he might consider that NRA members just might be better at hitting targets than his rabble might be.

  3. Chris says:

    Go Ahead and Try to SHOOT Jackass – which is why NO ONE Has Tried.

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