roshan salih

Dude is just hoping for a WH invitation.

Via Daily Caller.

Just hours after the terror attack in Nice, France that left at least 84 people dead, the editor of a Muslim news organization claimed that the attack happened because “France is an Islamophobic nation.”….

Outraged Twitter responses included:

Other comments are unprintable here but can be seen in his Twitter timeline.


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  1. Charles_PA says:

    Cow pucks! The French have been quite welcoming to Arabs from their North African colonies. On the other hand, being wary of people who have sworn to kill the infidels (the descendants of the Gauls and Franks, for example) is simply being prudent.

  2. Pat_S says:

    We are repeatedly told ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. Other journalists are bending over backwards to point out the monster wasn’t a Muslim, he was a booze-drinking, bacon-eating, non-religious man with marital problems.

    ISIS calls on “soldiers” to attack those who are fighting ISIS. ISIS claims this monster as their soldier. So if it isn’t Islam that is the connection then what, crazy Arabs? Does the PC crowd want to go there?

  3. Alain41 says:

    ‘Explanation’ that happens when you don’t have assimilation as requirement of immigration. Remember in the last year when there was a response of ‘lying racist’ when it was said that there were ‘no go zones’ in France (Trump?).

    Info: Action movie, Bastille Day, has had its posters/ads pulled (movie opened on July 13).

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