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Hillary’s VP choice, Tim Kaine, is being touted by Dems as a “moderate” and as “pro-Israel,” even though he supported the Iran Nuke Deal, and he also supports a “Palestinian” state.

But on the plus side, while he was Governor of Virginia, the largest hummus factory in the world was opened by Sabra Foods, near Richmond.

So, Kaine is probably full of hummus.

Or something.

Via Jewish Press.

When Hillary Clinton’s choice for VP, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, joined the Democrats who avoided Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 2015 speech to a joint session of Congress, he announced: “There is no reason to schedule this speech before Israeli voters go to the polls on March 17 and choose their own leadership.” Revealing that he had labored to delay the Netanyahu appearance, Kaine said, “I am disappointed that, as of now, the speech has not been postponed. For this reason, I will not attend the speech.”

Before Kaine made his announcement, only three other senators had planned to boycott the speech: the two anti-Netanyahu Vermont Senators Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy, and Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz. All the other Democratic senators were reluctant to commit either way, and told the press they were thinking about it….Most Democratic legislators who said they’d avoid the speech came from blue states and blue districts.

But when Kaine, whose state of Virginia until 2008 voted Republican for president, gave permission to Democrats from red states to boycott Netanyahu when he declared he was skipping the speech….

So, in considering Kaine’s pros and cons regarding Israel, you have his support for a nuclear deal with Iran, and his support for a Palestinian State, while on the plus side you have lots of hummus.


Breitbart: Team of Grifters: Tim Kaine Reinforces ‘Crooked’ Hillary’s Weaknesses on Cronyism, Corruption


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  1. Vintageport says:

    No one with a (D) following their name is a “friend of Israel”, not even a Jew, and that confounds me. Is it that their primary religion is liberalism, with Judaism falling to second place?

  2. Alain41 says:

    So..Kaine en_able Democrats. Who knew?

  3. deaves1 says:

    You know this guy has a lot of skeletons in his closet, or Killary wouldn’t have picked him. She wants to be able to say, “At least I’m not as big a POS as my running mate.”

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