The 49 people slaughtered in Orlando are unavailable for comment.

Daily Caller.

Harvard psychology professor — and celebrated pop shrink — Steven Pinker has advised the Western world not to worry about the ever-increasing number of deadly acts of terrorism committed by radical Muslims.

Terror threats are “exaggerated,” Pinker said. “Due to the publicity that terrorist attacks generate, it seems like a completely rational fear to be afraid of a terrorist attack when, in reality, it should not be. It is a mistake to allow terrorism to dominate foreign policy on a global agenda.”….

“Comparing the two halves of the 20th century though shows you that there is a clear trend toward humanism,” Pinker told The European, citing the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and no fewer than two sets of United Nations goals as evidence.

“Threats such as Boko Haram and ISIS” are “exaggerated,” Pinker declared.

“In terms of everyday terrorism, the harm is the reaction,” the fancypants Harvard professor instructed. “Keep in mind that 97 percent of all terrorist agendas end in failure, so it isn’t even a successful mode of achievement.”

Pinker did not elaborate on the exclusive data set which allows him alone to discern that “97 percent of all terrorist agendas end in failure.”….


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