While I think it’s possible she has pneumonia, we’re only getting part of the story. You can’t believe anything these people say, and the only reason they had to admit to a serious illness was due to the citizens who happened to be present and recorded the shocking scene at the van. This is just the beginning as the media dutifully repeats whatever press release her campaign sends out.

Via The Hill.

She was supposed to campaign in San Francisco and Los Angeles to start this week, and tape an appearance for the “Ellen,” show.

Clinton has been ill with pneumonia, her doctor revealed in a Sunday evening statement.

Dr. Lisa R. Bardack released a statement via the campaign revealing the diagnosis on Sunday evening, hours after the Democratic presidential nominee was seen stumbling on video after exiting a 9/11 memorial event early.

Bardack said Clinton had an examination at her home in Chappaqua after the incident, which was a result of dehydration and overheating.

She said the candidate is “re-hydrated and recovering nicely.”


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  1. PaigeMJ says:

    “What is pneumonia?” -Gary Johnson

    “Re-hydrated, passed on the pneumonia to Chelsea’s baby and that girl in the street. All is well! Trump is unstable!” -HRC

    Trump has no comment, as he ought not. Let the Weekend at Bernie’s Moment speak for itself.

  2. Maynard says:

    The irony is that the media, having decided to stick its heavy fist on the scale to destroy Trump and promote Hillary, may end up accomplishing the exact opposite. Had they done their job and merely vetted Hillary, we wouldn’t be facing these terrible revelations so late in the game. Had they not been so determined to destroy Trump, he would have been less prominent.

    The republic, and the cause of truth, is not served (except maybe by accident) by the elite fools that today carry the sacred torch.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Remembering that Dr. Drew said that he had concerns with Hillary’s treatment; (my conspiracy theory) Maybe Hillary is given less than optimal medication during the week in order to keep her ambulatory without a walker and then on weekends she is given the better treatment. But with 911 memorial service on Sunday morning, there was insufficient time for adjustment.

    Prayers for her health.

  4. jmm says:

    What doctor would diagnose pneumonia and then send their patient out on a full schedule? HRC was feeling good on Friday while calling Trumps followers “deplorable”. Dehydration? I don’t think so she has aids around 24/7 to ensure that all of her needs are met. Over heated? Temps in NYC in the 70’s. All lies!

  5. hektor says:

    over heated? Maybe over eated.

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