hillary liar

At a private fundraiser in February, Hillary stated:

“The last thing we need are sophisticated cruise missiles that are nuclear armed.”

Yeah, sounds like a plan to me…to further degrade and weaken our military.

Really, do we need yet another feckless and clueless Commander-in-Chief?

Via Free Beacon.

Hillary Clinton privately told supporters this year that she would likely scrap a major upgrade to the United States’ nuclear weapons program, according to leaked audio of her remarks.

At a private event in McLean, Va., in February, Clinton revealed that she would likely cancel plans to upgrade the nation’s cruise missile arsenal. “I certainly would be inclined to do that,” she told a questioner who asked about rolling back the Long Range Stand-Off (LRSO) missile program.

Audio of Clinton’s comments at a gathering of major campaign supporters in February were revealed by hackers who breached the email account of a campaign staffer. One email released by the hackers contained a recording of Clinton’s remarks and a subsequent question-and-answer session.

The LRSO question came from Andy Weber, a former assistant secretary of defense who oversaw the Pentagon’s nuclear weapons programs. He and William Perry, who served as secretary of defense under President Bill Clinton, called for the cancellation of the LRSO program last year.

“Will you cancel this program if President Obama doesn’t in the next 11 months and lead the world in a ban on this particularly destabilizing, dangerous type of nuclear weapon?” Weber asked at around 39:00 in the recording.

Clinton said she would be “inclined” to do so. “The last thing we need are sophisticated cruise missiles that are nuclear armed,” she said….


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  1. Alain41 says:

    From quick web search, it appears that most of Democrat Party is against the LRSO missile upgrade program. It’s to have new cruise missiles in 2030. Democrats are asking Obama to cancel program, which I believe he won’t do because Trump can just restart it and Hillary can cancel it. I think Obama will use it as a fake bargaining chip, telling GOPe that he won’t cancel it if they increase his desired domestic spending which they’ll do and then proclaim some ‘victory’.

    Info.: McLean VA is named for John McLean, owner/publisher of The Washington Post at the turn of the 20th century.

    • Chuck says:

      Here’s an interesting tidbit about John McLean. He partly paid for the old trolley line (Great Falls and Old Dominion Railroad) connecting Great Falls with Rosslyn, which in turn connected to DC. The line had three stops (Rosslyn, Thrifton Junction, McLean, and Great Falls), naming one of them after him. I believe the line was in operation until the late 60s.

      Incidentally, McLean VA was formed by the merger of the communities of Langley and Lewinsville. Langley is the CIA location. When people say “Langley” they usually refer to the CIA. The community of Langley was named by Lord Fairfax himself, in honor of his birthplace (Langley Parish/Leeds Castle, Kent County, UK).

      There’s a lot of history in VA!

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