Rob Reiner’s character on the 1970’s hit TV show All In The Family was nicknamed “Meathead.”

Seems like it is still a very good name for him.

His comments comparing Donald Trump to “Jewish policemen in the Warsaw ghetto” are repulsive, ignorant and extremely offensive.

HT NewsBusters.

But not to be outdone in the “crazy department,” ObamaCare numbers cruncher Charles Gaba posted a very disturbing clip from Schindler’s List on his blog.

Via NewsBusters.

There have been many liberal mental meltdowns since Donald Trump’s election last week but few of them have approached the epic proportions of ObamaCare numbers cruncher Charles Gaba….

His quick plunge into the completely unhinged began early on the first morning of the Trumpocalypse and culminated a few days later on Sunday when he gave full throttle his inner monster from the id resulting in posting a gruesome concentration camp scene from “Schindler’s List” implying that was the future of America under Trump….

So. Here we are. Barring some extraordinarily shocking development (which I wouldn’t rule out in a year and a half of shocking developments), it looks like the unthinkable will happen in just 68 days: Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

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  1. jefeinOC says:

    Rob Reiner has made a great deal of money. He has made that money commenting on the lives of the blue collar workers. Over the years his accountants have taken advantage of every tax loophole they could find in order to be assured that those riches remain in his pockets. Over those same years those tax laws have killed small business which does most of the hiring and advancement for blue collar workers. Those workers have stagnated and had their potential growth undermined by the very party that claimed to support them. Now someone comes along who would upend that rather cozy relationship. I can see why Reiner’s self interest drives him to such inflationary rhetoric. It might cost him some money, and while the blue collar workers have left the party, he insists that they “eat cake” while someone who promises them more is villified as the enemy. And perhaps he is, to the rich elite like Reiner.

  2. Los2000 says:

    Oh Lord…Meathead is at it again. I hope everyone on Twitter calls him “Meathead” until he has a meltdown like Wil Wheton did when people wouldn’t stop saying, “Shut Up Wesley.” #shutupmeathead

  3. knelson5047 says:

    They just don’t seem to understand that setting the bar so low just helps Trump.

  4. Alain41 says:

    Darker celebrity flip side to; I’m moving to Canada. (Appalling Nazi Ghetto reference is again trying to define Trump’s wall as keeping people in vs keeping out. Obama calling Trump inhuman encouraged this.)

  5. Maynard says:

    As one born into a Jewish family, there is a special obligation on Reiner not to trivialize the Holocaust. Reiner displays the sickness that fusses over trivia while true evil runs amok.

  6. Alain41 says:

    Fun Wash. Times Op-Ed on Lefties meltdown. Norman Lear just received the Bill of Rights Award from Calif. ACLU and he had uncomplimentary statement about electing Trump. And op-ed quotes Jane Fonda; “I have a non-profit and some of my board members voted for Trump.” And then she goes on to say, that they should try to understand why we voted against our interests. Well, at least she can’t say that she doesn’t know anyone who voted for Trump.

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